Monday, February 16, 2009

Dottie's First Check Up

I guess I forgot to mention that I did name my car. Thanks to Lynilu's suggestion I have named her Dorothy, but will call her Dottie for short. When I said something to my co-workers they started laughing so hard. I think Dottie fits her just right.

A couple days ago I thought the left front tire looked a little low and told myself I would keep an eye on it. Well this morning when I got in my car I knew for sure that it was pretty low. As I drove to work I didn't notice any problems while driving it and it seemed just fine. About two hours after I got to work I had one of my co-workers look at it and he said that it was very low. I decided this would be a good time for Dottie to get her first check up to make sure that I hadn't just bought a lemon.

Good news....they said that Dottie is one of the best used cars they have seen. Yay for Dottie. They said the only thing that needed changed was the air filter and since I know nothing about cars I let them change it for me. She also got an oil change. I did have to purchase a new tire and the reason they gave me sounded pretty good even though I had no idea what was wrong with the tire. I figured if they were going to screw me they would have told me I needed all new tires.

After I picked up Dottie I went to the Dollar Store because I am looking for some cup holders. Would you believe there are no cup holders in the car. It's crazy. I didn't find any cup holders, but I did finally replace my sunglasses that somehow disappeared in the rental car. I remember hearing them fall between the seat, but I could not find them at all. I am pretty happy with my sunglasses and glad that I am not blinded every time I drive somewhere.

Even though I have to work today and I had to deal with some car issues, today has been a very good day.


Jaded Starr said...

Try Walmart for some cup holders. Just look in the automotive section. Love the name!

Bobbie said...

I love the name also.If you cant find cup holders at walmart how about a local autopart store.

Bobbie said...
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MJ said...

I'm glad Dottie is good. Can't wait to see the shades.

Caroline said...

jaded star--i was at walmart on saturday and meant to look there, but it was so busy that i just said forget it.

bobbie--hey that's a good idea. those places are usually less crowded then walmart

mj--it was a huge relieft that the engine, etc was good.

Lynilu said...

I'm glad Dottie is good to go. It really helps to know your transportation is reliable, doesn't it? Of course, pretty soon you won't be driving nearly so much!

Monogram Queen said...

I like the name Dottie... my car in college was Sally and my friend's was Betsy.

Now I drive Bleu

Caroline said...

lynilu---what??? no bragging on the fact that you got to name my car?? :) it will be nice not having to drive so far and the best part...very little traffic

patti--i am glad i am not the only one that names cars.

Lynilu said...

I'm trying to be, uh, polite. I don't like to brag. Really. REALLY!!