Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Things on this Sunday

I have officially started packing. In just 4 weeks this will all be over with and I will be in my new home. I can't wait, but there is also a lot to do before this move.

My apartment is a mess!!! It's hard packing everything when you are in such a small place. I like my house to be neat and orderly and right now it's anything but that. Sophie and the cats are realizing something is up and every time I pull out a box to start packing Ben goes into hiding. I think they are all feeling a little insecure and I wish I could explain to them that our next place will be so much better.

Yesterday I had a guy come by and look at my kitchen table/chairs. Someone I work with was going to buy it, but this past week decided he had no way to get it to his house. So when this guy called about the table I thought I was finally going to get rid of it. First of all, the guy wanted to come by Thursday night to look at it and I told him Friday after work would be better. There was no way I was going to have some strange guy come to my house after dark. Then Friday he called and asked if he could come by Saturday around 1pm. So yesterday I had gone grocery shopping and got home around 12:15pm and he called saying he was a little early and would it be OK for him to look at the tables now. The groceries were still in their bags when he came in. He looked and looked, sat on each of the chairs and then said it would be hard for him to get the table up 8 flights of stairs. He then said, the best he could do is $35. (I was asking $50) I told him nope and he left. I then decided I am just going to keep the table/chairs until I can find something I really like.

On Thursday I got a letter from the place I bought my car saying they needed a copy of my insurance. When I bought the car I asked if they wanted to see my insurance and they said, "no that's OK." So when I got the letter I thought I would take care of it when I got my new cards with the car information on it. Then yesterday I got another letter from this place saying that I was in breach of my contract because I didn't have coverage on the car and I had 24 hours to surrender the car. WTF??????? I call the place and they said they would not take my insurance card from the Honda and that the information had to have my car information on it. The lady was so nasty and I was pissed at this point. I did get a hold of someone at State Farm and they couldn't find my policy. At this point I am pretty upset. Finally, after about 5 minutes the lady said they must have been having computer problems and they found my policy and would fax it to the dealership right away. Yesterday was such a stressful day.

Last night I watched the movie W. It was actually really good. I will be excited when my little experiment with no cable is over. Weekends are horrible for local TV. Right now I am watching a program called "My Teen TV". Hey, but the good news is The Amazing Race starts tonight. I can't wait.

One last thing...if you happen to see S, let her know that I will be home in just 26 days. :)


MJ said...

just wanted to check in before TAR--are you ready???

Lynilu said...

It is very hard to live with packing in progress. Just keep focused on the goal. It's not far away now. :)

People make me crazy when they take up time like that on what is already a steal! It would be one thing if it were overpriced, but goodness sake! Well, I think you'll need it anyway, so it is for the best, probably.

I wonder if you should have something from State Farm to show your new coverage till you get new cards. I donno. It just sounds strange.

Do you work tomorrow? If not you have a boring day of TV. Well, wait .... there is The View, Bonnie Hunt, People's Court and Ellen. Nah, you'll be OK!!

Julie said...

I love the Amazing Race too. I think I am already rooting for the deaf man and his mom, but it's too early to pick a favorite. If we were to be on the show, no WAY could I have done the bungy jump would have had to.-:)
I'm glad you said no to the table guy too.

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a fun bit of chaos though. Like my house all year long!