Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Saturday Night

This video shows how much I miss cable. Feeding Sophie off a fork is how I entertained myself tonight. After her treat she went and got a drink from the toilet. Yes, I know I lead such a thrilling life.


Lynilu said...

B..O..R..E..D..O..M...... fer sher!!

I think it stinks that you didn't give some to Bonk. She asked SO nicely. I'm stunned! I thought you were a nice person.


MJ said...

Oh boy, do you need cable. Or a complete set of LHOTP.

Caroline said...

lynilu--i know i am a horrible mother. i wasn't sure if potatos were good for cats.

mj--i did watch 2 episodes of LHOTP before I decided to feed sophie. i would love a complete set of LHOTP.