Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dottie's 1st Road Trip

I got to see S today, so it was a very good day. It was the first time that I drove my new car and I was curious as to how she would do. I had noticed that the car really doesn't get great gas mileage in the city, but on the highway it was perfect. I made it there and back (about 250 miles) on 1/2 tank of gas. That is even better then my Honda. The other thing I noticed was I wasn't thrown around the highway as much because this car is a lot heavier then my Honda. It was a smooth ride the whole time and I am now excited to plan my road trip to see Lynilu.

Both S and I look at the time we spend together as a time for us to recharge. Not seeing her last weekend was probably part of the reason the week seemed so long. But after spending the day with her I feel ready to take on the world again.

It was a pretty low key day, which is something we both needed. We watched our favorite movie and just enjoyed being with each other. We also talked about how things have really changed in the last six weeks. On January 4 I asked her to marry me and the next day I was sitting in a co-workers office looking out the window and I thought to myself, "what the hell am I waiting for. I want to be with this woman and there is nothing holding me back from moving out of Kansas City." I went back to my office and googled social work jobs in her area and came across my new job. That Friday they called me for an interview, the next Friday I had my interview and the following Friday I was offered the job. It's crazy how fast things happened, but I think it also shows that this was meant to be. In this economy and this recession, it's not very common for someone to decide to look for a job and less then 3 weeks later have a job. I have always been really proud of the fact that I got my masters, but this whole get a new job and move out of Kansas City makes me even more proud of myself.

This morning when I was in the shower Sophie decided the napkins on the table sounded like a good snack. I asked her if she got into them and she just looked at me with these sad puppy dog eyes. I don't think she realized she had half a napkin sticking out her mouth:
She's not a good liar.


Bobbie said...

At my house the cats or Bufford would get blamed even with the napkin in peppers mouth. I am glad you found a job so fast and all of your dreams are coming true

MJ said...

I'm glad you had a good day with S. Sophie and Sadie must have been related in a former life.

Lynilu said...

HAAAA!!! You're right, she is NOT a good liar! Silly dog!

Hey, the appearance of S, the job, the house, the move .... it was simply meant to be. I'm happy for you!