Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frozen Sunshine

I would like to clarify something. In all the years where I have loved winter and snow, I have never once said that I enjoy temperatures in the teens and wind chills at -15 degrees. I love temperatures in the 20's and snow that causes no problems.

So yes, it's very cold here. I have been having a really hard time walking Sophie. She loves the cooler temperatures as well and doesn't understand why we can't go on long walks like we usually do. Friday night I lost my gloves and couldn't find them anywhere. After walking Sophie for a day without them I decided at 9pm last night that I had to have a pair. Of course I found my gloves this morning, but I guess it is good to have more then one pair. Today it's sunny, but don't let the sunshine fool's freezing out there.

My throat has been scratchy the last couple of days and I have been sneezing a whole lot. I think part of the problem is the air is soo dry, so I went out this morning and bought a humidifier. I am hoping that helps because I really don't want to be getting sick.

This is only the second weekend since August where S and I have not seen each other. We were both saying last night that this will be the first and last winter where we are so far away from each other. She told me last night that 2009 will be our year. I couldn't agree more. I can't wait until I can see her on Thursday. I miss her so much.

Here's a cool thing....S's brother works for MTV and I was just watching a show and saw his name on the credits. How cool is that?


redfrog27 said...

As I type this the actual air temp is 6 degrees. I had to go the store to get stuff for daughters christmas party at school and almost tripped over penguins and polar bears.Today is the first day of winter and it can go away never to come back.

Lynilu said...

You see, the thing is you must be very, very careful when you say things, 'cause if you don't "cover all the bases," interpretation can be a real bitch!!

I'm sorry that you and S couldn't be together. I agree that you need to do something to get you closer together.

Sandra said...

Well that's good that you don't love sub-zero windchills, 'cuz that would be plum crazy! Yeah, without gloves is the worst. I feel so sorry for doggy paws!

Did you get a vaporizer that's cool mist or hot steam? I like the hot steam ones, Sleeping with one is also very good for your skin in the winter.

MJ said...

So now the clarifying cold weather topic comes up. I was beginning to think you were non-descriminate about the cold weather.

Monogram Queen said...

Okay I understand not liking sub-zero temps too but I do love snow!