Monday, December 22, 2008

This & That

Most of the time I love my job, but the last few days I am kind of tired of work. Why can't people just do their jobs. When my boss asks me to do something I don't question what she is saying and I just do it. Ugh..... I am happy because I will be off on Thursday and Friday. I am so excited for this four day weekend and I am especially thrilled that I will be seeing S for 3 of those days. :)

Last night it got really quiet and when I went to see where Sophie was this is what I found:

She now loves her bed and that is the only place she will sleep. I am so happy that she finally likes it.

Ben has found the warmest place to sleep in the house:

When I first got Ben he was just a tiny kitten and I would wrap him in blankets to keep him warm. I think this is part of the reason he loves to sleep completely covered up.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I cannot wait until Thursday.


Lynilu said...

I wonder what the count would be if you could figure out how many times you've said "Why can't people just do their jobs." I'll bet it would be up there!

I love your little 4-legger buddies! I miss them. Well, I can't totally miss Ben because he was nonexistent when I was there!! I only saw black streaks!

Are you taking Sophie with you this weekend?

MJ said...

I'm so glad Sopie loves here bed. Sadie loves all three of hers.

Monogram Queen said...

Awww I love how Soph loves her bed!