Thursday, December 11, 2008


I took this picture yesterday when I was stuck in traffic for over an hour. I find it amazing what 2 inches of snow will do to an entire city. The first snow is always the worst because people freak out and act like they have never seen this white stuff falling from the sky. Kansas City drivers only do well when it's sunny and dry outside, and even struggle on those days. S said she always gets a good laugh when she watches the city drive when the weather is bad. I am sure the city would shut down if we got as much snow as she is used to having grown up in Minnesota.

I had a lot of time to think yesterday when I was in the car and I realized how lucky I am. Yes things are a little tight financially but really when I think about it I have everything I need. I have a roof over my head, food in my cabinets, a job where I feel appreciated, 3 wonderful furry kids and an amazing woman to share all of this with.

Today marks 4 months since S and I have been seeing each other. I went back and looked through some of my old blog posts from when we first started seeing each other and I knew from the very beginning that she was the one. We have had some really good times in the last 4 months, but we have also had to work through some difficult times. I love that when we do have difficult times I know that by communicating with each other and being honest with each other it just makes our relationship even better and stronger. I feel that by taking things slow and not rushing into anything we are building a solid foundation that will sustain us through the years.

Before S I was never a person that wanted to call my other half my wife. I was always just happy with using the term partner or significant other. But things are different with S and I want her to be my wife and I want to be her wife.

Loving someone and letting them love you is a scary thing. I have learned in the last 4 months that it is really scary to let someone in when you have been hurt so badly in the past. But I have also learned that by allowing S in and trusting her I have felt more loved then I ever have in my entire life.


redfrog27 said...

umm may I laugh also. We dont talk about cancelling school up here till there is 2 FEET yes FEET. On the ground then they delay for 2 hours. Nov was the first snowday my kids have had in 4 years.

Monogram Queen said...

So glad you are feeling loved!!!!
Vive' Le' Snow Caroline!

Lynilu said...

When I first moved to KC, I was amazed at how everyone freaked about snow! And the "lifers" are the worst! Apparently, something in the air of KC makes memories of past years' snows evaporate!! LOL!

I'm glad you're happy. :)

Anonymous said...

We had 33cm (13 inches) yesterday and to make matters worse, our city transit workers went on strike. The chaos was unbelievable. School busses were also off the roads due to weather, so many people were not happy to say the least. Ahhhh winter in Canada!!!!!

Ruth in Canada

MJ said...

Snow and driving in KC are a receipe for disaster. I hate it when it snows.

Julie said...

If you guys really want a laugh, come to the south and watch what happens when there is even a hint of snow. Schools will close and the city will shut down days before it even happens. I kind of like it now, because I enjoy being at home!