Friday, October 10, 2008

Lucky Charm

How silly is Sophie? Take a look:
The other night I was watching TV and she kept trying to get at Ben who was sleeping under the couch. She kept this up for about 10 minutes and it was actually really funny. I love how Sophie and the cats play and tease each other.

Susan loves my babies and that makes me very happy. There is one issue though. She keeps referring to Bonk as "he". I asked her why she kept referring to Bonk as "he" and she said that the name Bonk was too boyish. I told her that when Bonk first came to live with my family she was named Samantha, but my parents changed it to Bonkers because she was always a little odd. She now refers to Bonk as Samantha and I kind of like that better then Bonk. Bonk can't hear anything, so I really don't think it matters. She does look like a Samantha doesn't she?

There is a pretty good chance that I will get to spend a few hours with Susan tomorrow. It's been a rough week for us as a couple. This quitting smoking has caused a lot of stress between us, but each day I am feeling better and more like myself. Today makes 8 days smoke free. Yay. I feel so good about quitting this time and have had very few cravings all day. Tomorrow also marks 2 months of Susan and I dating. Don't you love the beginning of a relationship when you celebrate being together every month?

Here's something else to make you really jealous of me. Today I spent about $30 on scratch off tickets and came home with $192. I started winning all this money when I met Susan, so I told her tonight that she is my lucky charm.


traci said...

I have a bah humbug attitude about love and relationships. I'm glad you're happy though.

Lynilu said...

I tagged you! Pay back for some of those long ago tags! LOL!

Rick Renzi said...

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