Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Friends

Look at how wonderful my friends are:
MJ made me some homemade Apple Crisp. I think Apple Crisp is my favorite desert. My love for Apple Crisp started while I was at camp in Minnesota and every time I have Apple Crisp now I always think of all the great times I had at camp. Life was so simple back then.

Last night I had a dream that I was smoking. Actually, Susan was smoking (she doesn't smokes) and I grabbed her cigarette and took a couple puffs. I immediately said, "I can't believe I just gave up 7 days of not smoking". I read somewhere that if you quit smoking and you dream about smoking then you are more likely to succeed. I didn't have any dream of smoking when I quit last spring, so maybe the dreams mean I am finally ready to quit for good.

Last night Ben woke me up by throwing up on the pillows. Yea, not a great way to wake up. But I can't be mad at him...he is way to cute.

As I was typing this post the news was on, but I wasn't really paying attention. That is, until I heard the words "snow and sleet". I immediately looked up and realized the weatherman was talking about the weather in Montana. What a cruel joke for those of us that love snow.

I feel a little better after writing my last post. When Susan first read my blog she was like, "Wow you are really open on your blog." Talking about things in a very honest and direct way helps me not be ashamed of who I am. I am thankful that I have so many people that are wanting to follow me on this journey.


MJ said...

Hope the apple crisp is yummy. Glad you are doing better.

Caroline said...

MJ--i ate part of the apple crisp and had to hide the rest of it...i was afraid i would eat it all in one night. soooooooo good. thanks again.

Monogram Queen said...

Yep Ben is cute - your Halloween boy! I hope he is feeling better.

MJ did a great job I am salivating just looking at that apple crisp!