Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Forever

Today has been a perfect day.

Susan and I met up this afternoon to celebrate 2 months of seeing each other. We ended up going for a drive in the country which was absolutely perfect. We stopped and visited with one of her friends who has an amazing yard/garden. Her friend moved into her house 4 years ago and it took 17 trips to transport her entire garden. Yes, when she moved she moved her entire garden to the new house. The garden was amazing and so calming.

After visiting with her friend for a while, Susan took me to this cemetery in the middle of nowhere. We are both very interested in cemetery's and this one had so much history. I will have to do an entire post about the cemetery.

This weekend I met some of Susan's friends. Next weekend I will meet her Mom. This is a huge step because Susan doesn't introduce just anyone to her family. I think I have found my forever.

Click here to see more pictures from our perfect day.


Monogram Queen said...

Oh I love cemetaries too! Good luck on meeting Susan's Mom. I'm sure it will go swell!

beans said...

Love the pictures----the vacant chair--great!