Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This & That

My Sophie is not feeling well again. She's had diarrhea for the past 3 days and last night she got me up 4 times to go outside. I called the vet this morning and they said they have seen a lot of dogs that are getting sick because of eating a locust. We seem to have a lot of them this year and Sophie has been known to go chasing after one, so I am thinking that is what is making her sick. This evening I cooked her some plain rice and mixed it with chicken noodle soup. She really seemed to like it. Here are some pictures of me preparing her dinner:
Notice Bonk felt I was making this for her. If you look in the lower left corner of the picture you can see Sophie's nose. She knew that was her bowl and was not happy with Bonk.

Right after I took this picture Sophie looked up at me like, "Mom aren't you going to do something about this." Both the cats and Sophie seem to love the rice and chicken noodle soup, so I think I am going to make it for them again. They will have no idea that their treat is actually really good for them.

We have a counselor leaving and we are having a pot luck for her tomorrow. It's an 80s themed pot luck and I have been put in charge of making a CD of 80s music. They are lucky because I probably have more 80s music then anyone plus I loved making mixes. Kids today have it so easy when making a mix. I remember spending hours and hours making a mix. Taking out each tape, finding the song and then copying it. Don't even get me started on making sure the spacing was right between songs, etc.

When I got my haircut a few weeks ago I felt it was really short, but I am kind of liking my hair short. I thought for a brief second of cutting it even shorter, but not sure if I have the courage yet. Here is a pic of the new haircut:
This was taken right after I got the haircut and my hair has relaxed a little and the wave has come back.

I am listening to the CD I made for tomorrow and I am reminded at how great the music from the 80s was. I loved Wham!, Debbie Gibson, Bon Jovi and of course New Kids on the Block. What were some of your favorite bands or songs from the 80s?


Lynilu said...

I'm suddenly craving a bowl of chicken noodle soup, perhaps with some rice in it. I wonder why?

Uh, well, I've heard of Bon Jovi ..... LOL!

I like the haircut!

Sandra said...

Ok I know I could go Google this but is a locust the same as a cricket? I don't think we have locusts up here.

What about Human League - "I was working as a waitress in cocktail bar..." that is one of the best.

Caroline said...

lynilu--i forgot to tell everyone that when i met susan on Saturday night she knew I had not had dinner and brought me home made chicken noodle soup. i am not usually a soup person, but suddenly i like chicken noodle a little bit more.

sandra--i don't think a locust and a cricket are the same thing because we have crickets here. huh, i guess i thought everyone had locusts.

Audra said...

I was kind of young in the 80's, but I LOVED new kids on the block and vanilla ice.

MJ said...

Air Supply, ABBA, and so many more. I loved the 80's

redfrog27 said...

I also young in the 80s and was made to listen to country but i so rebelled love it all air supply billy idol and all them are played regulary and even older plus classical in my house.

SheA said...

The following would be my 80's mix wait.. cd...

If You Leave...OMD
Some like it Hot...Power Station
Jump...Van Halen
Sister Christian...Night Ranger
Lets go all the way...SLy Fox
West End Girls...Pet Shop Boys
Crazy for you ...Madonna
When I think of you Janet Jackson

The Glamorous Life...Sheila E
I can't wait...Nu Shooz
Out of Touch...Hall and Oates
Head over heels..GoGos
Sussdio..Phil Collins
Smooth Operator..Sade
Little Red Corvette...Prince
dang now I gotta go make an 80's mix.... the only Locust here is a street....

ps nice hair

Teaberry said...

Cute haircut!

I loved Debbie Gibson the best!

traci said...

OhMyGosh! Wham! Culture Club, Devo, Bon Jovi, definitely, Hall and Oates, Michael Jackson was still cool, Sheena Easton, remember her?, crap! turns out I could go on and on about 80's music, who knew?!

Caroline said...

Looks like I should have posted this sooner because you guys gave me some great ideas.

Renaissance Woman said...

Oh...I could so use some of that soup myself. Lucky Sophie!

I loved 80's hard rock! Anything and everything!

beans said...

Cute hair!

I was going to marry Debbie gibson . . i had the hat, the music, the perfume . . .i waited for years for her. it never worked out.

Monogram Queen said...

Love your hair! Sometimes I miss my short hair but I worked SO hard to grow it out.
I want an 80's mix CD!!!