Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can I redo this day?

This day really hasn't been the best. Let's start from the beginning.

Sophie got me up 3 times last night to go outside because she still has diarrhea. I had meant to pick up some Pepto last night, but forgot. (I am such a bad parent) When I left work this morning I thought she would be fine, but I was only at work for an hour when I started to worry about her. I decided to go get some Pepto and go home and give her some. When I got home I knew she wasn't feeling well because when I sat down on the couch she laid next to me and put her head on my leg. I really didn't want to go back to work. I gave her the Pepto and went back to work. The rest of the day at work went fine.

When I got home I opened the door to find 8 areas where Sophie had accidents. When I was trying to get in the door she went running out the door, something she has never done. I called her back in, but I could tell she was embarrassed and upset. I immediately started cleaning up the areas and I was able to get all the stains out. I then took her for a walk and as I was walking in the grass I stepped in a hole and went straight to the ground. I landed on my left knee and it hurt like hell. As I fell I dropped the leash. Thankfully Sophie did not run and came running back to see if I was OK. The pain in my knee was so bad that it took my breathe away. It took me a few seconds to catch my breathe and stand up. I hope no one saw me fall.

After we got back to the apartment I gathered up my laundry and walked up to the laundry room. When I was putting in my second load it kept saying that I needed to add another quarter; even though I had already put in my $1.50. I had just enough quarters to dry the laundry so I went to the managers office and they said they don't own the machines, blah, blah, blah. I explained that I didn't have anymore quarters, so the manager took out her wallet and gave me all her quarters; totaling $2.25. I told her that I just needed one quarter, but she told me just to take it. I thought that was really nice.

So I sit here with a huge knot on my knee and a lot of cleaning to do since I am having company this weekend. My apartment isn't big, but after the last hour I really don't feel like doing much of anything. It looks like I will be taking Sophie to the vet tomorrow because something isn't right and I am really worried about her.

But I know in 24 hours it will all be better since Susan and I will be together for the weekend. I probably won't be online this weekend, so I hope everyone has a great weekend.

See you either late Monday or early Tuesday.


MJ said...

to busy to blog??? I hope you have an excellent weekend.

beans said...

wish i could rewind for you. have a great weekend

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Sorry you had a bad day today but tomorrow hopefully will be better!!
Have a great weekend!

Chelle said...

I hope Sophie gets better quickly.

Enjoy your weekend.

Renaissance Woman said...

Hope you enjoy the weekend. I also hope that Sophie starts to feel better.

Monogram Queen said...

Yikes Sophie must have what me & Stacy did. Poor girl.

I hope you have a fun, fabu week-end sweetie!!!

Lynilu said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sophie, and I hope the vet can give you some good news. Poor girl.

Oh, yeah, and I'm sorry about your knee, too. LOL!I am seriously sorry to hear about that. That kind of think hurts like hell.

Have a good weekend, but please let me know about Sophie.