Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Muggy

This morning when I took Sophie out for her walk it was so humid that you could literally see the moisture in the air. It was very "soupy" and down right miserable. I took this picture (of course after my lens was no longer fogged over) and if you look through the trees you can see the humidity.
My door handle as well as the lock were wet this morning. I don't remember the last time it was this humid. Since I hate the humidity as much as I do, I have no idea why I stay in Kansas City.
Here is Sophie's best "I am so done with summer" look. She feels better now that she got her haircut, but just like her Mama, she would rather it be snowing outside.

This morning I met a couple friends I used to work with. One of them I had not seen since I moved into my apartment and she brought me a small house warming gift. Apparently word is out that I live in a very small apartment:
I love this picture. Having grown up in a 5 bedroom house with my own walk in closet and own private bathroom, I am finding that even though I am living in a very small place, I have never been so happy about my home.

Last night I was looking through my old camp memory books and got a kick out of some of the pictures of me. You can see in the pictures how truly happy and content I was. I was thinking of doing a couple posts about the times I spent at camp and why I am feeling that for me to truly be happy, Kansas City prbably is not the place for me.


Lynilu said...

That is really humid! Ugh! Although it is probably nearly as humid here today, but the dryness of the earth, etc., offsets it somewhat. At any rate, I'm glad I'm not there!

That look on Sophie's face is classic!!! OMG, she IS done with summer!

Nice gift! Very thoughtful!

Sooooo. When are you leaving? Is Minnesota lower humidity? I can't imagine that it is, but I've never been there.

Julie said...

I struggle with this too, ya know - the doubt about the city I currently live in. (I like the humidity though). I do like to believe that I wont live out the rest of my life here.
I think you would love MN. The humidity is lower, but the winters are brutal. (Remember we are jumping in the lake in Jan.)

Renaissance Woman said...

Im with you...HATE humidity.

Sandra said...

I didn't realize KC was so muggy all summer, yuck I agree with you, that wouldn't work for me either. Is this what they call the "Dog Days" of summer, because the dogs look hot and droopy?

We haven't had much humidity here this summer but it's been warm and clear and 70s-80s. You'd probably love the summer we're having. Unfortunately I hate our winters. You really should live up North though, girl.

Monogram Queen said...

Blah we've had a few "muggy" days too. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!