Friday, June 27, 2008


You have no idea how happy I am that it's Friday. The only thing that would make me happier is dinner delivered from here:
This is the best restaurant in all of Oklahoma. Each time I drive to see Lynilu I stop in Hinton, OK; where Starvin Marvin's is located. Not only is it delicious, but the price is perfect as well. Last weekend Lynilu and I both ordered dinner and then ordered some break sticks and it was only $15. And that price included it being delivered to us. I wonder if they will deliver to me here in Kansas City? :)

Today has been a horrible day in terms of wanting a cigarette, but I am determined to work through this and remain a non-smoker. I found a website that said one ingredient in a cigarette is "whale vomit". How gross is that. So if I ever say I want a cigarette please remind me that I would be inhaling whale vomit. Wow, I just realized that in one month I have talked about both whale vomit and tick vomit on my blog.

I go back to the eye doctor tomorrow and might be going with MJ and her Mom to pick some blueberries, but other then that I have nothing planned. I am really looking forward to a quiet weekend. What is everyone else doing?


Eye of the Rainbow said...

Not doing much this weekend. But then I never know what I am doing til the time goes. I think it will be a nice weekend to get some sun and be lazy. I think thats what Ill do :) I hope you have a great weekend.

Chelle said...

I'm off to see Wall-E with my college roommate tomorrow, then she'll come back to our house where my wife has promised to cook up a feast. The rest of the weekend plans depend on the weather.

Lynilu said...

Ooooouuuuu! Starvin' Marvin's!

Ooooouuuuu! Fresh picked blueberries!

I'm going to have a quiet weekend. One small think tomorrow morning, and I'm working on Sunday, but otherwise, I'm going to kick back and probably watch movies in bed with the kids, the healing ones and the healed ones!

Have fun with MJ, and whatever you do, stay busy (helps lessen the craving), and take time to relax, too! :)

beans said...

Glad you are working through the cravings. It will be so much better for you in the end!!!

This weekend I have to work tomorrow, and then head to the neighbors pool since they are away. Then Sunday I work in the nursery at church.

Maybe I will read a magazine or two . . .we'll see.

redfrog27 said...

Ummmmmmmm hubby has to mow 3 yards which will take most of the morning will probably just stay home and enjoy the a/c such an exciting life we lead.Also may do another blog entry.

Renaissance Woman said...

I want to eat at Starvin Marvin's as well. If they deliever to Kansas City then maybe they will deliever to Denver, CO!

Whale vomit...that would do it for me. I hate all vomit. Just say no to vomit!

I'm doing more remodel, wedding shower, party tonight, Six Flags tomorrow, block part tomorrow night and then concert in the park with friends! WOW...I didn't realize there was so much going on. Have a great weekend.

Monogram Queen said...

Just keep telling yourself the cigarettes are OVER you are DONE with them. I love a good pizza too. If we ever meet IRL we'll go for good pizza k'?