Saturday, June 28, 2008

Early to Rise

It was an early day this morning. Apparently the best time to pick blueberries is early in the morning before it gets too hot. So I met MJ and her Mom out at the blueberry patch at 7am. As I was driving to the Patch this is what the sky looked like:
I wish this was my view every morning. I am really realizing that I am not a city girl at all but in fact have a lot of country in me. I sent MJ a TXT message last night telling her not to laugh at me if I had to ask how to pick blueberries. Her response back was "HaHaHaHa". Thankfully when I got there MJ's Mom told me she had never done this either. Whew! Even though there were about 100 people out there with us, it still seemed so quiet and calm. Her Mom did say that she was going to adopt me and take me home with her. My friendship with MJ and her family has been my biggest blessing this year.

On the way home I kept seeing these blue flowers on the side of the road:
They are so beautiful and I love the blue periwinkle color. I used to always say that Navy blue was my favorite color, but I think periwinkle is officially my new favorite color.

It was cloudy all day until I had my eyes dilated. Then suddenly it cleared up and was sooo bright. When I got home from the eye doctor I just had to lay down because my eyes were so sensitive to the light. Five hours later my pupils are still very dilated and I look like I am on something. Looks like it will be quiet night at home. A quiet night is just fine because I am completely exhausted from this past week.


Lynilu said...

Well? Did you bring home some blueberries? I don't know what the flower is, but it is beautiful!

Get some rest. :)

Caroline said...

lynilu--i guess i forgot to add that...yes, I did come away from about 3lbs of blueberries.

Renaissance Woman said...

3 lbs of blueberries! WOW - guess you figured it out. Sounds like fun, except starting at 7 a.m. not the best idea.

Lynilu said...

Good haul!!! What're ya gonna do with them?

Monogram Queen said...

We picked blueberries yesterday too! I love fresh blueberries!