Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Someone is 10

I feel like a horrible Mother. Today is Sophie's birthday and I completely forgot until right now. Do you think I am losing my touch on remembering dates?

Actually, I have a lot on my mind tonight. My feelings have been really hurt by someone I really considered my friend. After hearing what she had to say to me tonight, there is no way she was my friend. I am very sad about this and wish things could be different, but I can't change the way God created me. One thing even the witnesses taught me is....God does not make mistakes.

So....Happy Birthday to my Sophie. Today she turns 10 and I really can't believe it. Sophie is the first dog that I have had since she was a puppy and I have loved every minute of her being part of my life. It's amazing how much she has taught me about love and loyalty and how to just relax and have fun. She really is the best dog......ever.


Renaissance Woman said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie. I'm sorry that somebody you considered your friend has hurt you so much. Look into Sophie's eyes and remember that she loves you...and so do others.

Lynilu said...

Awww, Happy Birthday, dear little Sophie!! Honey, you don't look a day over 5!! How do you do it??

Caroline, hug Sophie and let her hug you back for me. I'm sorry you've had several rough days lately. But regardless of how you may be feeling, DO NOT forget that a whole bunch of us love you. :') I'd call you but it's pretty late where you are. Call me in the morning, OK?

Julie said...

Hey - let me share a lesson with you that I JUST re-learned this week: when people (even supposed friends) say hurtful things about you, it is about THEM, not you. I am not saying you shouldn't walk away from people like that, but understand that it has nothing to do with who you ARE as a person.
Seriously, I spent an hour with my therapist last night getting that drilled into my head and this am I believe it.

amy h said...

Happy birthday, Sophie! Give your mommy a hug.

Sandra said...


Hope there's a birthday bone coming her way!!!

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!
Give your mom a big wet kiss and tell her everything will be ok.

MJ said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Sophie. Your one cool pal. Love, Sadie