Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Random Post

What in the world is going on with the weather? For the second time in a year an entire town has been destroyed. This has been the worst tornado season that I have ever seen and it seems that we are not done yet. All these storms have allowed me to take some pretty cool pictures.

Because of all the storms we have been having it has been so humid. I hate this high humidity because it just makes doing anything so hard. Now that I am walking Sophie I am out in the humidity so much more and I am realizing the crazy things it can do to your hair. I was having the perfect hair day yesterday and the minute I walked outside it was a mess. Just walking to the car makes me break out in a sweat. If I could spend the entire summer in the water I think I would enjoy summer a lot more.

As I was driving home tonight I thought about having a cigarette. For the first time the thought of having one made me want to throw up. It's been 64 days since I have smoked and I am still in shock that I have made it this far. I think I might actually beat this.

Last April when Laura and I decided to break up we sold her car. Well, yesterday I stopped at this convenience store and I saw our old car. The car looked exactly the same as the day we sold it. The spare tire on the back was still missing, there was still a dent in the back hatch and the HRC window cling was still on the back side window. I just kind of found it odd that nothing had changed about the car. I wonder if the people that were driving it know what the HRC sticker means?

So is anyone nervous about tomorrow being Friday the 13th?


Eye of the Rainbow said...

I think its all over about the weather because we have had 2 bad storms just last week. I am not worried about tomorrow being friday the 13th. But we'll see what happens.

Lynilu said...

Our bad weather, so far, was the unceasing wind that we had earlier in the year. I wonder if that was a precursor for what is going on east of here now. I'm SO GLAD we don't have the humidity here. whew!

I have never been superstitious, and no, Friday the 13th has no meaning for me. I've never seen anything bad happen, and I suspect I won't.

Besides, I expect tomorrow to be a really good day!!!

Caroline said...

bobbie--i always worry about getting in a car wreck when there is a friday the 13th....have no idea why

lynilu--do you want to share with everyone else why you expect tomorrow to be a wonderful day?

beans said...

AMEN to being in the water all summer. I hate the hot weather and humidity--seriously. I am so freaking cranky from like June to September . . .then fall comes and I couldn't be happier.

Friday the 13th means the new M Night movie is coming out and I have no one to see it with cause DP won't see anything remotely suspenseful. Darn

redfrog27 said...

i hope tomorrow is good daughter has to be put under for a tooth extraction

MJ said...

I'm having my eyes done...surely it will be a good day for the dear eye doctor!

Lynilu said...

Mmmmmm. Not yet.


Renaissance Woman said...

I love Friday the 13th. Luck is not always my friend, so Friday the 13th doesn't really make it any different. But I like scary movies and think that it reminds me of that.

But back to your post, congrats on the not smoking! That is a big deal. I think you have broken the habit! Good job! I am not a fan of tornado's (not sure anybody really is) so I say move.