Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday A

(Photo removed)

My nephew A is 6 years old today. I hope he realizes how much I love him and miss him. The last time I was with A he was 2 1/2 and was sitting on my lap sucking his thumb and playing with my hair. (He loved playing with hair)

Happy Birthday A. Even though your Aunt Caroline is not right there with you, I am always in your heart and I know one day you will know the truth as to why you were kept from me.


Lynilu said...

Six? SIX??? Impossible!!

Yeah, Happy Birthday, little man.


traci said...

That picture is so sweet. I'm sorry you have been forced to be away from him. {{{Caroline}}}

Anonymous said...

Again we have been through this before. Get the picture of my son of the internet you have been asked once on this picture. If it is not down by morning I will call the sheriffs Dept. Again. Two they all know why they don't see you at all there is no truth to learn you are a crazy bitch and that is all there is to it. They are every well aware of that. What do you think you will be able to just come into their lives some day and they will believe that you are some special person that everyone on the planet lied about yea right. GET THE PICTURE DOWN

Caroline said...

anonymous--i pray for your children because i know it must be hard being raised by you. i hope you are saving your money because your kids will need a lot of therapy when they get older, if not sooner.

Audra said...

Is there anything illegal in posting that photo?

Caroline said...

audra--i have no idea what the laws are. my brother acts like he knows everything and i decided to take it down because i am tired of him bothering me.

Casey said...

You know, I have a brother (almost) like yours and here is what I can tell him that might enlighten him: my niece and nephew's parents kept them away for our side of the family while they were gorwing up and fed them all sorts of lies. The children, now grown adults, went out of their way to regain contact with the rest of us (not easy - we had all moved many times since last seeing them). They see their parents with the eyes of adults. Adults to who see the truth - that their parents were the ones in the wrong.

I love that. True, we still have no contact with the brother and his wife (no real loss for any of us) but the kids (now adults) are back in our lives and I predict that this scenerio is the norm and not the exception. of Caroline; enjoy the control you have over your children now. They won't always be children and they will someday look at your with the critical eye you have taught them to use on others. It all does eventually come back around.

Been there, done that...seen it in action.