Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hanging in There

Sophie and I went out for a walk tonight and ended up running back because of the lightening (I have this fear of being struck by lightening) and the storm blowing in. Once we were safe inside what did I do? Of course I went and grabbed my camera.

Tonight as Sophie and I were running back to our apartment I realized that just 3 days ago I probably wouldn't have been able to run as fast as I did. I still wasn't real fast, but I at least was able to run without running out of breathe.

It really is amazing what just 2 days of not smoking has done for the good. I am smelling things that I probably have not been smelling for years. I wonder if this is what pregnant women go through? Food is tasting so much better. If you have ever smoked pot you know that food always tastes sooo good after smoking a joint. Well, it's like I am discovering the new and wonderful taste of food. Even my salad at lunch tastes really good.

Now if I could just get over being so irritated and having no patience. I literally thought I was going to kill the guy in the office next to me today. All he was doing was using the vacuum, but it was driving me nuts. It seems that my hearing seems to be more sensitive as well. Is this normal???? Any loud noises just drive me crazy.

I am still working on realizing that life will still be fun as a non-smoker. When I think about things in the future, I get this panic feeling wondering how I will be since I will not be smoking. For example: usually I am thrilled that it's the weekend, but tonight I am thinking "what will I do this weekend?" It's not like all I did was smoke on the weekends, but it's so hard changing a huge part of my life. But like I tell my clients everyday, I am just going to take it one moment at a time.

And I appreciate all of you hanging in there while most of my posts are about quitting smoking. Hopefully I will soon be able to focus on something other then the fact that I am not smoking.

Hey, I just heard on the news that we are expecting snow this weekend? Yea, that could get my focus off of not smoking. :)


Jaded Mama said...

my dad used to smoke but he quite after mom told him that kissing him was like licking an ashtray........maybe this will opne up new doors for your love life!

Hang in there

Lynilu said...

I remember the rediscovery of taste and smell. Isn't it wonderful? You know, as far fetched at it may seem, I wouldn't be surprised if your hearing might be affected to some degree. Since the nose, the throat, and the ear are connected, perhaps it changes somehow, the ear canal "decongests" without the smoke. Interesting thought! However, it is probably because you are a bit on edge. boooorrrring. Let's go with the first one. LOL!!

Doin' good, girl!!

Audra said...

I'm so glad you're kicking the habit!

I was just in the doctor's office with dylan and came across this:

Julie said...

I think your life will be more fun now that you aren't smoking. It seems like the people I know who smoke (my dad and his wife included) view their habit as a liability. They can't even go to a movie or travel on an airplane without managing their cig intake. The US is also becoming a smoke free place, it seems.
I hope it doesn't sound condescending to say that I am PROUD of you!

Patti said...

Hey if it helps post every day about your not smoking!

Don't laugh but I know a girl who was struck by lightening while sitting on the toilet. True story!

Anonymous said...

Ya know? Nicotine is an addictive substance. So, try to look at it like your clients do when they're quitting whatever it is they're quitting. Whatever we are addicted to affects our body, our system in so many ways we don't even realize. I wouldn't be surprised if your hearing is affected because imagine all your nerve endings screaming for nicotine...if they don't get it, they're going to feel like they're in pain. What happens when you have a headache and someone tries to run the vacuum next to you? It sounds excrutiatingly loud! You are doing a fabulous job. Please keep going. I watched both my parents die of lung cancer and it's not an easy way to die.

Anonymous said...

Keep going! Plan fun little things to keep yourself occupied and to take care of yourself. Say - "I'm going to light some candles and run a hot bath and read a good book". Or, "I'm going to go see a movie because I won't be thinking about it while I'm in the theater."

Sandra said...

Oh post away about it! I almost caved and drove to the store last night but then I reminded myself not to think about it in terms of NEVER EVER EVER having another ciggie for life, that's overwhelming - just think of it as "I'm just taking a break from it, just for today." And that worked. Also a hot peppermint tea right before bed was good, you might try that!

Julie said...

I heard that in NYC cigs are going up to 9.00 a pack? So I think you should put the money in a jar for each pack you dont buy and then buy yourself something awesome at the end of the year.