Monday, February 04, 2008

Blah Monday

For some reason today I am really dragging. I don't feel motivated to do anything. I am feeling kind of "blah" today.

I am sleeping good at night, so I don't think that is the problem. I think I am just feeling overwhelmed with having to move again. It's hard work to move and I hate that I seem to be doing the moving by myself. I am going to have the moving company move most of my stuff, but there are things they won't take in the truck; like pictures and lamps.

I am excited about getting into the apartment so the pets and I can be in one place for a while, but I am also sad that I am losing the house. I have been in this house for ten years and I remember how excited I was when I moved in. And now, ten years of hard work and making all my payments on time don't seem to matter at all.

But I know it will all be OK in the end, even if my heart is broken a little bit.


Bella said...

I just saw your in memory of Oscar photo! He's a double of my own Dolly (referred to in an earlier comment)! Spooky! I'll bet he was a wonderful catpanion.

Sandra said...

Power through that move, girl - you will be very happy in a place that's homey, got a great place to walk Sophie, and is AFFORDABLE. Much stress will be relieved! Plus you'll do lots of cute things with the place, I just know it.

Patti said...

Your heart is broken but you will be okay. Mondays are pure BLAH.

redfrog27 said...

I feel blah too.How about getting together for a drink (haha).I dont have to move yet although almost in the same situation that you are in just a prayer is keeping our house but if the mortage company doesnt want to compromise they can have it.Its not worth the stress

Chelle said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling blah (at least you're not a Patriots fan!). If I lived closer I'd come help you move. Moving is stressful for everyone. We have an agreement in our house that the next time we have to move I have to drug my wife. Keep your chin up.