Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birthday Girl

Today is Bonks 21st Birthday and she doesn't look a day over 10. She is such a sweet girl and has been the one constant thing in my life since I was 14.

Last night Sophie and I tried to make a video wishing Bonk a Happy Birthday, but as you can see Sophie was more interested in the ice cream I had.

Happy Birthday Bonk!!!


Lynilu said...

Oh my, those are very guilty eyes that keep rolling toward the camera (you!) at the end!!

Happy birthday, sweet Bonk!! Ali and China send kisses!

Casey said...

Awwww! Sweet! Happy Birthday Bonk!!

Sandra said...

Oh man Sophie is killin' me with her cuteness. Laddie barks when I sing, too. Does that mean they like it or they want us to stop?

Patti said...

LMAO at Lynilu. Happy Birthday sweet girl!