Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Answers

You guys asked some great questions, so here are my answers:

Lynn asked why I liked the snow and cold: Well, I never really thought about why I like winter so much. I know I hate summer because it is so hot in KC and it's so humid. When it's cold outside the air seems fresher and when it snows it's just gorgeous outside. I wish KC got more snow then what we actually get, so that is why I am seriously considering moving to a state that gets a lot more. I saw on the news that Upstate New York got over a foot of snow over the weekend. I would be in heaven if KC got that much snow.

Freshie asked if I was one of the frolicking fairies in my header picture: No I am not, but I think I have a small crush on the girl in the middle.

Deb asked if I celebrate my birthday since I was raised a Jehovah's Witness: I do indeed celebrate my birthday and all holidays now. 2004 was the first year where I celebrated my b-day and the other holidays. So, if I get a little excited about the holidays and my b-day it's because it's all so new to me.

Fern asked if I know anything about my birth mom and if my siblings are also adopted: I do know a lot about my birth mom. When I was 26 I requested for the paperwork from my adoption and I found what my birth mom and birth dad's names were, their birthdays and what they looked like. It was all very interesting. I should do a post about it sometime. One interesting fact: my birth mom has a twin. So, if I ever had a child the chances that I would have twins is greatly increased. My brother (who is 2 years older then me) is also adopted, but we have separate birth parents.

Shea asked what my dream job would be and if I would rather have KC or St. Louis ribs: I think my dream job would be owning a huge piece of land and running a no kill shelter. There are so many animals out there that need a good home and I would love to try to help. There is a new program on called Dog Town. I totally want that job. As far as the ribs: I have never had St. Louis ribs....but like I told you, I guess it all depends on who is in St. Louis.


Patti said...

Very good answers Caroline. I never realized your birth mother is a twin! Cool!

Katie said...

Very cool answers.

I will think of some questions. I've been low on the creativity lately.

Audra said...

how fun! But now I'm curious, do you know who those fairies are?

Lynn said...

Great answers, Caroline. I'm originally from Upstate NY, where they are getting all the snow. Isn't it funny how one person's dream is another person's nightmare? And also funny how that other person has awfully frizzy hair from the humidity? :-)