Monday, January 21, 2008

Sophie's Story

Thank you all for your great questions. I plan on doing a post tomorrow with my answers. But there was one question that I felt deserved an entire post. Redfrog27 asked how I acquired Sophie. Here is the story about how the sweetest dog came to live with me:

In September 1998 I was doing an internship for my bachelors degree. I was working at a Emergency Assistance program in the inner city. My second week there I pulled into the parking lot and saw this little black puppy running around. It was not uncommon to see stray dogs just roaming the streets, so I really didn't think too much about this puppy. The security camera monitors were at the front desk and I kept looking in them seeing this little puppy running around and I was so afraid it was going to get hit. I then decided that if this puppy was outside at lunch time I would take it home. Well, when lunch time came I went outside and couldn't find the puppy anywhere. I was kind of relieved because I already had a dog. Around 3:00 I went on a home visit and when I arrived back at the building I saw the puppy across the street. I yelled "puppy puppy" and it came running towards me. So I picked her up and told her "If you are here when I get off at 4:30 then I will take you home."

When I left at 4:30, I found the puppy sleeping on the front steps. So I did what I promised to do; I picked her up, put her in my car and brought her home.

When I brought Sophie home I thought I was saving her, but the truth is, she has saved me.


SassyFemme said...

Fran and I both really believe that the animal souls we're meant to have find us.

Lynilu said...

I love those pictures, but especially the first one.

I have the privilege of knowing Sophie personally, and I want to say that she is, indeed, a very special lady. She used to drive me nuts when I went to feed her and let her out when Caroline was out of town, because she played games with me! But she learned that I was OK, and, oh yeah, I always had a treat in my pocket for her! We became good friends, and I really love that girl! Sweet Sophie!

Katie said...

That's an awesome story.

redfrog27 said...

Thank you very much what a touching story.My daughter who is 11 would fill our house with strays if i would let her but 3 cats and 2 dogs is enough

Patti said...

Aninmals are often here for us when others aren not (at least physically). God bless Sophie!

Sandra said...

She is so photogenic, it's unreal! She was definitely meant to be with you.