Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, I have had Rusty for 5 days now and it looks like he may be staying here for a couple more days. Turns out Rusty's Dad (who I work with) got sick the first night Rusty was here and they ended up not leaving town until Friday. I really don't mind Rusty staying longer. He is doing so much better this time. He knows that when he comes in from outside that he needs to wait until I get the leash on. I tried letting him be in the house with no leash, but he is still chasing the cats. The first few nights Rusty did really good in the kennel. Then Friday night he cried for most of the night. Turns out Sophie was laying with her nose right next to the kennel door. Rusty has some chew toys that Sophie really wanted. I am sure Sophie just staring at him was making him really uncomfortable. Here are some pics from this week.

As you can see Rusty loves to jump and boy can he jump high.


Julie said...

I LOVE the jumping shots!

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Cute pictures :)

Lynilu said...

I can almost hear Rusty saying, "Lemme in, Lemme in, Lemme in!!!" in those pictures! Too funny!

and ...... I have been tagged and now I’m tagging you. Check the rules at my blogsite.

patti_cake said...

Awww Rusty is so cute! I hope Sophie is enjoying him.

I'm like Lynilu I can hear him say "Lemme in, Lemme in" too! hehe..

Sandra said...

That pup is high energy, WHOA!!! Such a cute face though.