Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day in the Life of our Pets

Since I have been home I have noticed that there is a lot of activity in our home during the day thanks to our pets. As you will see in these pictures; the fun never ends.
Brady has decided he likes sleeping in the sink. Do you know how hard it is to run the water with him in there? Most times he just sits there with the water dripping on him. I think he may be mentally retarded. Did you notice him winking?
The dog on the other hand has decided she loves my pillow.

Here is the dog again and it appears she is sticking her tongue out at me. Disobedience is a big no no in our home. Can't you tell?
With it being so cold outside we are all trying to stay warm. Astro decided he needed to be under the warmth of the blanket. No we did not put the blanket on top of him. He jumped on the couch and got under the blanket. It may be cute here, but when he comes up in the middle of the night to our bed it doesn't feel that great. Laura swears he has punctured her lung at least two times.

Here is Brady (orange) and Bonk chasing each other. Bonk is almost 20 years old and she still holds her ground pretty well. I love this shot. Actually, I think they were fighting over the box.
Here is the dog trying to figure out what all the commotion is with the box. She doesn't understand what the big deal is.
Here is Astro (left) and Brady (right). I could spend $100 on new cat toys, but what do they like best? A damn box. BTW, Astro is not taking a dump he is just too big to fit in the box. Sorry Astro, but it's true.

Here is Bonk in the box. It amazes me how much they love this stupid box.

And here is Bonk throwing up in that box. The cats seemed very upset that their new toy/bed was now gone.

It's been fun watching all the routines the cats have. You will notice that two cats are not shown in the pictures; Ben and Sophie-cat. Those two spent the entire day sleeping. Oh, the life of a cat.


SassyFemme said...

Oh you got the mid throw up pic! What fortune! LOL. Love the pics. One of our friends swears I should set up a couple of hidden cams in our house during the day to record the animal antics

Lynilu said...

How funny your kids are! Now you know that while you've been out working your fingers to the bone, Laura has been just letting things go to heck, spoiling the four-leggers, and probably drinking chardonnay all day long! Watch her closely. She may begin to unwind right before your eyes when she realizes that you're on to her. This ain't gonna be pretty, I'm tellin' ya! ;-)

Holly said...

Great pics! That time off work stuff looks like fun. Enjoy!

Rose of Sharon said...

How fun!

Our cats love boxes too! Omar LOVES the boxes I bring home from Sam's Club. I sometimes leave them out just so he can sit in them. And we also have a picture of Sasha in our sink as well! :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. How fun!

Caroline said...

sassy--i've thought about doing a hidden camera since we have to many pets. i think i am afraid of what i might find though

lynilu--lol. you are too funny. i just can't wait for laura to see this comment. remember you have to come back to get your stuff. :)

holly--i am enjoying this time off from work way too much. it't going to be hard to go back

sharon--i think it's so funny that they love boxes more then anything. you should share some pics of your kittys

Casey said...

LOL!! I love pet photos. We used to joke that we wanted to set up nanny-cams while we were at work so we could see what the animals were up to. :) Never a dull (or quiet) house with animals running around.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

You take sure cute pictures :) thanks for sharing them!

patti_cake said...

They are too funny. It's true, you can buy expensive toys and they will love a box, a bag, a piece of string, a bottle cap etc. better!