Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Well, I made it home safe and sound. Of course there were the crazy drivers out there that were trying to kill themselves plus anything in their way, but once I hit my street my heart rate and pulse went back to normal. Here are some pictures of the ice this evening. Keep in mind this is ice, not snow.
Our back deck. Laura came out and said, "hey it's snowing". I had to correct her and remind her that it's still sleeting out there.
The lights look so pretty with the ice on them. I tried to get a close up, but it didn't turn out that well.

They are calling for the ice to stop tonight and then tomorrow we get hit with a second whammy. They are saying that it will start snowing tomorrow afternoon and by the time it ends late Friday morning we should have 10-12 inches of snow. 3/4 TV stations in KC are saying this. The other one is saying just 8 inches. Still, once it hits six inches it's a big deal.

Friday morning our agency is having our annual celebration breakfast. The President of our National Company is flying in tomorrow and we have over 300 people coming to this celebration. I am not sure if all this will happen on Friday morning if we get all this snow.

I may be looking at another 4 day weekend. Doesn't get much better then this.


Kitty said...

I hate winter!!

P.S. I tagged you! LOL

SassyFemme said...

OH man, I wish we were getting that weather! I'm all excited for the first snow here!

Caroline said...

kitty--you hate winter? i thought you loved it. i love this weather and i am hoping for tons of snow

sassy--i can't believe you haven't gotten any snow yet. well, you will have a lot more snow then us. we only have a couple big storms in the winter here.

Ace of Spades said...

Yeah, ice everywhere here in KC. We barely got our son from school today because we live amongst lots of hills including our driveway. We got him though and came straight back home.
Cant wait till the second part of this winter storm.

Wendy & Karen said...

We've had a bit of snow this week here (Portland OR) and are expecting freezing rain, sleet and snow tomorrow morning. I wish it'd snow about 2 feet! Hope you find yourself banked in white tomorrow! Love, love, love those snow days!

- Karen

Lynilu said...

It started snowing as I hit town on my return today, and we have about 3 inches now. You wouldn't believe how different snow is here than in KC. I hope you don't lose power again. I always hated that. It quit snowing but is blowing like crazy!! I think we may get more snow tomorrow. I didn't pay much attention when the news was on, so I'm not sure. Tomorrow I will post about my trip and include some pictures. Stay warm!!!

patti_cake said...

I was watching the Weather Channel last night and thinking of you! I bet it IS pretty w/ the Christmas lights though. Be safe

Dee said...

Try to keep warm!

Caroline said...

ace--the roads are still as bad this morning. stay safe

wendy&karen--i also love the snow days. there is nothing better

lynilu--i saw you guys were getting some snow as well. we are hoping we won't lose power

patti--once the snow gets here it's going to be so pretty with all the x-mas lights


chapin said...

I caught a break today and they called off school. They are calling for 6-12 inches here. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we get a second day.

amy h said...

OMG, I haven't even watched the weather. Eek.

Does your camera have a picture of a little flower on it? That is the setting you are supposed to use for close-ups. It works well for me as long as I keep a really steady hand and have enough light. (I generally don't use a flash.)

Be careful out there!

Caroline said...

chapin--it's days like this (and only days like this) that i wish i was a teacher

amy--no i don't have that on my camera. i am going mess around with it to see if I can find a way to take cool close up pictures.