Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where's the Snow???

The huge, city closing snow storm that was right on our door steps turned out to be nothing. DAMN. Yesterday when I left work my co-workers and I were all hoping that we would get so much snow (they were prediciting at least 8 inches) that we would have to close down today. As we left we were all giggly and saying, "I hope I don't see you tomorrow..etc." Our office manager even took home the staff phone number list just in case she needed to call everyone to say, "we're closed today". As I drove home I was thinking of all the wonderful things I was going to be able to get done today. I thought I would be able to clean out the front closet, take plently of naps and catch up on all the daytime tv I msis while I am slaving away here at work. So, last night as Laura and I sat on the couch we had a perfect view of the back door. We kept the light on so we would know exactly when the snow started. Watching the news at 6pm they were now saying that we might not get as much, but it could still cause problems for the drive in the morning. As the time passed and we were still just getting a cold, damp rain we kept reassuring ourselves.."the later it starts, the less time the plows will have to remove it from the streets."

By 10pm, and it still just raining we kind of knew that we would have to get up in the morning and go to work. Suddenly we were getting irriated with each other. Any small thing and we would snap at the other person. (like they controlled the weather) Finally by 11pm we decided that we were not getting any snow and we should just go to bed.

So here I am at work when I should be home getting ready for my first of many afternoon naps. At least I have Florida to look forward to.

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Sandra said...

I got yer snow right here, baby...hahaha. It's pretty, yes, but a pain to drive in and I'm dying to see some GREEN.