Sunday, March 08, 2009

Where it all Began

Today S and I met up at her house that is halfway between our two homes. She wanted to check on it since we have got a lot of snow last weekend and then lots of rain this weekend. All was well with the house which was great. We are both really hoping the market gets better this spring and it will sell. Pulling up to the house I had lots of memories come back. This was where we met for our first date and we had our first kiss in this house. I remember driving up there for our first date and how nervous I was, but the minute I saw S I was no longer nervous and felt so comfortable around her from the very start.

Wednesday we will celebrate 7 months as a couple. I think we will save the celebration for Friday night.

As I was waiting for S to get to the house today this bird was sitting on the fence:
I look forward to putting up bird feeders at my new house. I know the cats will be entertained by the bird feeders.

Guess who I got to see today:
As you can see from this picture she was very excited to see me.

I am pretty tired tonight and don't think there will be a problem with me falling asleep. I am looking forward to this coming week, even though I know parts are going to be very sad.


Monogram Queen said...

It's nice when things come full circle!!! Best of luck to you sweetie - BEST of luck!!!

Lynilu said...

It is getting close! 3.5 days of work left and then MOVING DAY!!! :)