Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Today I had lunch with one of my best friends. It was sad when we had to say goodbye, but she made it very clear that she is so happy for me. She said that it was so nice to see my happy and that after all I have been through it's about time that something good happen to me. I couldn't agree more with her.

It was two years ago today that Laura told me she was going to St. Louis for a business meeting and she would be gone all weekend. As many of you know, she was lying to me and instead was going to meet a mutual friend of ours. This friend and Laura had been talking for months and whenever I would say something about the two of them talking a lot, Laura would say things like, "I need to have friends" and "I can't spend 24/7 with you", etc. I remember working hard to support this new friendship (other then Sharon, Laura had no friends) and it wasn't until that weekend that I realized Laura had been lying to me for months. Here we were planning our commitment ceremony and she was talking to another woman at least 6 or 7 hours a day. I often times will wonder how I didn't see this, but Laura was really sneaky. She would say she was going to the gym, but I now know she was leaving the house and going somewhere so they could talk. After we broke up I looked at our cellphone usage and she talked with Sharon for 2800 minutes that last month. At the time I thought my life was devastated, but what I wish I knew at the time was how much of a blessing it actually was.

So here I sit two years later and I can't believe how good my life is now. S is so much more then Laura ever was. I really never knew that love could be this good. Every morning when I wake up I am thankful that she is in my life and I look forward to waking up next to S and telling her face to face how thankful I am for her.

This coming week I will be saying a lot of goodbyes and I think it will be a time of a lot of reflection. I am going to try to take in everything that happens this week and keep in mind that on Friday I get a second chance to make my life exactly what I have always wanted it to be.


Lynilu said...

A door closes and another opens. You're entering a whole new era, Caroline. I'm glad you survived a lot of bad stuff (not just Laura) and came to be the person you are. That's who S loves. :)

Monogram Queen said...

I remember what a tough time that was for you. I was really worried but what a BLESSING Laura's treachery turned out to be.