Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am in love....

I am in love. I am sure you are thinking I am talking about S (which by the way, I am still totally head over heels in love with her), but I am actually talking about my new house and my new town. I love love love my new house. This morning S and I were up at 4:45am since she had to go into work and as the sun came up I realized how much light my house has. My apartment was so dark and kind of like a dungeon that it's nice to have so many windows and sunlight. I have no idea how I lived in an apartment with just one window. We set up the bed so that the end is right by a window and Bonk loves sitting on the bed looking out the window.

Bonk and Sophie have adjusted very well to our new home. When I first brought Sophie in she couldn't wait to get out, but now that our stuff is in and kind of settled, I thinks he knows this is home. I think she is loving all the room she has. She is currently in the bedroom on her dog bed.

Bonk and Ben have done so well and did really well in the car for the 3 hours it took us to get here. I put a towel over the carrier and I think that really helped since they couldn't see out the car window. During the drive I would say "where's the baby?" about every 20 minutes and Ben would let out a meow so I knew he was OK. Once we got to the house I put them in the spare bedroom and opened the kennel door. Both of them stayed in there for a while, but Bonk eventually came out and just started walking around like she knew this was home. Ben had to be convinced to come out later in the evening. And he is doing soooooo well. He is walking around and exploring and doing so well. I am so proud of him. Yesterday was a very stressful day for him and I am so proud that he is becoming more trusting. He is currently asleep under the covers on the bed. I don't think he got much sleep yesterday, so I expect him to sleep most of today.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:
Goodbye Kansas City....

Here is the living room and all it's boxes and Miss Bonk exploring:

Here is the kitchen.
I am still shocked at how much storage space I have. It's going to be nice being able to buy extra stuff when it's on sale. I plugged my fridge in this morning and it's already cool.

Here is the utility room:
Right now this is the worst room of the house because all the stuff that I don't know what to do with is in here.

Here is the living room:
I probably won't leave the couch there, but when the guys brought it in yesterday I just had them put it there since they were saying, "I can't believe how heavy this couch is."

Here is the master bedroom:
The bed has already been moved. The head of the bed is to the left of the picture (and up against the wall) and the end is right by the window on the back wall.

Here is Sophie after the very long car ride:
I have taken her on a few walks and she just loves the new neighborhood.

Here is Ben thinking that maybe he will come out of the kennel:
I really am proud of him because he has done so much better then what I thought. He is still pretty scared, but at least he's coming out to the living room and being somewhat sociable.

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that stray cats are just drawn to me. I fed and took care of the ones at my house and then at the apartment there were about 4 stray cats that would hang out by my front door.

I hadn't been here more then 2 hours yesterday when this guy showed up:

And as you can see is is pretty happy sitting on my lawn chairs. However, he does not like Sophie at all.

I really don't plan on doing much today because somehow I have hurt my back. It started hurting Thursday morning and yesterday morning I could barely move. S has instructed me to do nothing unpacking...nothing. She told me to just lay on the couch and enjoy my cable TV again. The only thing I will do is run up to Walmart to get some groceries.

When I went to pick up the keys for the house yesterday my landlord had made me cookies to welcome me to the town. I thought that was very sweet. Last night S and I went out to dinner at a restaurant that I noticed the first time we came to town. It's called "Wagon Wheel" and I thought it just looked like a fun restaurant. Well, I was right. It was so good and has the typical country food. We both ate for under $20 which isn't too bad for a sit down restaurant.

I am happy, S is happy and the babies are happy. Life is very good.


Lynilu said...

I saw the pix on facebook before I came over here. I like your neighborhood! It looks like a park.

You have a real kitchen!!! YAY!! And yeah, lots of windows!! I noticed how dark your apartment was, but I'm sensitive to that. I'll enjoy visiting your house more, I'm sure.

I know how you felt leaving KC. When I drove out, it was bittersweet .... sad for leaving behind so much history and elated at starting a hope-filled new life. "It's a nice place to visit ....." I'm happy that you are in a different environment. ( I just realized that you and I lived in KC for almost the same length of time, but you were born there and I moved there when I was 31!!)

Have a good weekend, and yes, relax today and let your back heal. :)

traci said...

Yay! I guess Friday the 13th will always be a good day for you eh?

traci said...

So, I just looked at a map of Kansas. Do you now live anywhere near Salina?

Monogram Queen said...

I am so glad it went well for all of you!
Laughing at the stray, I think they do instinctively "know" who is a soft touch cos' they flock to us too!

Bobbie said...

I love your new house. I agree rest your back and just relax you deserve it. I am glad the pets are adjusting well we attract stray cats also.

Caroline said...

lynilu--the neighborhood is wonderful. and i am so excited about my kitchen. i am opening boxes that i packed a year ago. it's like x-mas in march

traci--i had totally forgot that yesterday was friday the 13th until after i arrived in my new town. i am not sure how far salina is from here...i am about an hour from manhattan, ks and just 30 minutes from the nebraska border

patti--i couldn't believe when the stray just walked up. and since then i have seen 2 other cats that i am sure at some point will come over and say hi to me and sophie...hehe

bobbie--i didn't exactly rest today, but i did get 99% of the kitchen unpacked and most of my clothes. i was having a hard time just sitting around here with boxes.

Caroline said...

traci--i just checked and i am about 2 hours north/east of salina.

justbetweensisters said...

Welcome Home, Caroine!


justbetweensisters said...

Okay, I guess I can't spell today!
I have been doing bookwork all day, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.....

Welcome Home, CAROLINE!


Caroline said...

kim--i didn't even notice the typo in your first comment until you said something. it sure is good to be in my new home and i love my town.

Renaissance Woman said...

Yeah for you! I'm glad that you are loving the new home and are looking forward to all of the good things in your new life! I can't wait to hear more about your new world.

amy h said...

I'm glad it all went smoothly! Yes, those boxes will still be there after your back has a chance to rest. Take it easy!

Caroline said...

renaissance woman--i can't wait until i can really get out there and explore my new town. today the weather was beautiful, but i was so tired and my back was still hurting

amy--i did get the kitchen unpacked and most of my i feel somewhat productive today. and i don't go to work until thursday, so i have plenty of time. the fridge you gave me is working great. thank you again!!

MJ said...

I'm glad the kids made the move okay. I know you were worried about them. So glad the Wagon Wheel was good. That is the best thing about small towns, good country cooking!

Julie said...

Small towns are the best, I know you guys will be happy there. Congrats!

Julie said...

Small towns are the best, I know you guys will be happy there. Congrats!

Caroline said...

mj--the cats did better then what i thought they would do. i thought the cats would cry the entire drive, but the towel over the kennel really helped

julie--i agree..small towns are the best. i think i am shocked at how nice people are. it's so different then kc