Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Weekend

Is it Sunday already? Why is it the week goes so sloooow, but the weekend just zips by. I miss my girl. I hate not being able to be with her everyday. And I really hate having to come back to the city.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Ben has decided that his favorite place to sleep is the arm of the couch. When I woke up Saturday morning this is how I found him sleeping. So sweet.

When I went to visit S I went a different way and part of the way was on the Kansas Toll. The drive seemed so much smoother, so I may drive this way from now on. On the way home today I pulled up to the toll to pay and I couldn't find my ticket. I ended up having to pull over and it took me about 5 minutes, but I finally found it. There was no way I was going to pay $15 for a $2 toll.

Yesterday S and I just went for a drive in the country. There is just something about the country that makes life slow down. I love how S is OK with me pulling over literally in the middle of nowhere to take pictures of a fence.

This is where I belong and I know one day very soon this dream of mine will be a reality.

When we turned the corner to go home I loved how the sun looked on these trees. Is it just me, or is even the brown of winter beautiful in the country? Yea, it's probably just me.

Sophie stayed with my friend L and as you can see she was just fine. L sent me this picture to show me how well she was adjusting. L and her husband just moved into a new house so we weren't sure how Sophie would do. When I went to pick up Sophie I don't think she wanted to leave. :)

I am already counting down the days until next weekend. On Friday I will be having dinner with S and her Mom and then on Saturday S is coming down to KC for the long weekend. I hope this week just flies by.


writer_elh said...

I came across your blog today and just wanted to tell you that it's great. Very entertaining with some really great pictures.

Lynilu said...

I'm glad your weekend was relaxing and nice. I think you are going to be very, very happy when you get out of the big city. Life is, indeed, different, and while sometimes the knowing-of-everybody's-business is a pain in the butt, it is certainly The Good Life. Think positive!!!

Caroline said...

writer--thank you for stopping by and hope you come back

lynilu--i truly believe i was meant to be in the city. the fact that at the age of 35 i still watch little house every day....yea i need to be in the country. i did ask s if we could have a cow as a pet and she looked at me like i was nuts. her response was, "do you realize how bad they smell? :):)

Caroline said...

Scratch my first line Lynilu...I meant I belong in the country.

Lynilu said...

I wondered about that! :)

Bobbie said...

Caroline, glad you had a great weekend I was raised in the country and love it and where we are its kind of rural but close enough to the city. The pictures you asked for are up and there is a lot with an out of order explanation of what you are looking at the bottom, First experience doing pictures on blogger.

MJ said...

The country is really a different kind of living. It will be interesting for you once you actually get there.

Caroline said...

bobbie--love your pics of the snow. i still love snow and wish we would get a little bit.

mj--i have a feeling that living in the country will be a lot different, but i am really looking forward to it. i do know there will be a lot of things i will miss about the city; mainly my friends.

Monogram Queen said...

It's good you have someone to rely on to watch Sophie. I'm thankful my parents keep Reilly when I need them to.