Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Almost Friday

I have been working really hard this month to eat better. I am taking my lunch everyday (except Fridays) and cooking each night when I get home. Not only am I saving a bunch of money, but I am feeling so much better. Now all I need to do is get my butt to the gym and I imagine I will start to lose some serious weight. I can't seem to get motivated for the gym and I am not sure why. I go back to the doctor on Feb. 5 and I was really hoping to have lost some weight by then. The good thing is I have been very faithful with my medications, so I know the doctor will be happy about that. She mentioned last time that I have not been the best with taking my meds and she is right. Last time I went to the doctor I was shocked at how high my sugars were and something inside me finally realized that just because I may feel OK my organs could still be damaged. I could also no longer deny the fact that I was diabetic.

Since we got that snow last Friday my car has been so dirty. This morning I was having a hard time seeing out my window so I decided it was time to go wash it. It looks like a new car and is so beautiful. I swear my car drives better when it's clean.

Sophie gets to spend Saturday night with her boyfriend Hank and I know she is just thrilled. Actually, Sophie is kind of anti-social so I don't know if she is actually that thrilled. It's really good for her because she comes home completely exhausted and usually sleeps for a whole day straight.

Tomorrow if Friday and it's the last weekend that I will have a weekend supervisor, so I am going to really enjoy this weekend.


MJ said...

I remember not so long ago, you were going to the gym and loving it. Once you start, it's easy to keep going.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Lynilu said...

I got my truck washed yesterday, too, and it looks so much better that I feel better. I know what you mean. I love it when my truck sparkles!

Caroline said...

mj--i know that if i can make myself go once then i will be hooked again.

lynilu--today when i walked out to my car after work i was so proud since it was so clean and it really did sparkle. when i was a teenager my dad would give me coupons for car washes and i always thought was a weird gift, but i guess i just didn't appreciate it. i would love coupons like that now.

Bobbie said...

I am glad you are taking your meds Mike is also a diabetic and he feels awful when he misses a dose.

Monogram Queen said...

You deserve to have a great week-end! I need to brown bag it more. Our Cafe' is expensive and NOT all that great!

Caroline said...

bobbie--i do feel much better now that i am taking my meds

patti--it helps because most of the people i work with also bring their lunch, so eating in the lunch room is really fun.