Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Work

Yesterday when I returned to work one of my techs had written this message for me. After a long weekend with S it was hard coming back to work, so it was nice seeing this message.

Yesterday was a great day to be an American. For about 45 minutes our entire agency just kind stopped and everyone (clients included) watched Obama being sworn in. It was neat watching the clients get so excited about the new President and be interested in the Inauguration. I am thankful that I got to watch it live and not just see clips from the news. My favorite part was when Obama said, "We must pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off." I really felt hope that our country was going to turn itself around after listening to his speech.

This week could bring a lot of changes in my life. I can't go into a lot of detail right now, but hopefully by the end of the week I will have an exciting announcement.

I did my taxes last night and I am getting $200 back from Federal and I owe Missouri $35. I wanted to see how much I would get back if I was filing as a married person and would you believe it was almost $1700. Right now, $1700 would really help me.
Maybe one day I will be able to file under the married status again.

How are you guys doing?


Bobbie said...

We here in the frozen tundra of Pa are great after 5 days of the kids being home the house is mine again and quiet. I hope one day you get to realize your dream of being married great news on the taxes

amy h said...

That's weird that you would get that much back if you were married. While I had a job, I believe our accountant always had us file separately because we actually saved money that way. We didn't start filing jointly until I quit my job.

Yes, it was fun to watch the inauguration yesterday, even if my kids weren't so interested in it. :)

Caroline said...

bobbie--it sounds like you got a lot of snow...we are suppose to get some snow early next week and i am kind of excited

amy--this was based on married filing seperatly...i think being married automatically gives you a lot more tax breaks.

MJ said...

hope you get good news soon...

Lynilu said...

That is a cool note! It really is nice to be appreciated by coworkers at any level. I hope you tell them the same kind of things. I'm guessing you do. :)

I'm still glowing from yesterday. It was a great day, and I'm so glad I got to see it all. What an amazing place in time.

Caroline said...

mj--me too

lynilu--i am always leaving them little notes on the dry erase might be notes to say HI or little inspirational sayings.

Monogram Queen said...

I always grossly overpay the state of SC but Uncle Sam gets his chunk.
One day, Caroline, one day!

Anxiously awaiting your news :)

Sandra said...

Indeed it was a great day to be an American. Hopefully, from now on, EVERY day will be a great one.