Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Day

The last few days it has felt more like spring then winter, but I guess winter is headed back in tomorrow. Today's high was in the 60s and even at 10pm it was 54 degrees, but by Monday the highs will only be in the teens. Only in KC can you go from one extreme to the other so quickly.

S and I were able to spend the entire afternoon together and it was wonderful. I hate saying goodbye to her and we both said how we look forward to one day sharing a home. I have this feeling that it will be sooner then later.

When S's Mom found out she was going to see me today she sent this little package for me:
Homemade caramels and fudge. My life just keeps getting better.


Julie said...

If I haven't already mentioned it, I am so, so happy for you.

Sonya said...

Don't ya just love this weather? I think we had a -45 degree temp shift from Saturday into Sunday.

Your treats look yummy!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh dear I so wish one of Santa's baker elves would send me a package of goodies! LOL