Friday, November 07, 2008

Time to get serious

Six months ago I bought the cats a tent like bed where they could go in and sleep. Look who finally decided that it was safe to sleep in it:
Isn't he adorable.

Today the Dr. called me with the results from my blood work. I've been trying to deny it for years, but I am a diabetic. I was shocked at my numbers and actually kind of afraid. I have really had a hard time accepting that I am a diabetic. I know the only reason I have diabetes is because I am overweight. I hate that I am overweight.

Can you tell what Ben is saying in this picture:
"It's time to get serious Mom."

Yes, it is time to get serious about my health.


Lynilu said...

OK, that's why you've been quiet today. I wondered what was wrong.

Well. What is the plan? Did they give you some diet guides?

Actually, it won't be as bad as you probably feel it will right now. But it will require more home cooking until you learn what you can eat out. You'll figure it out soon, and life will be good! I promise! Love ya.

fern said...

You'll do great with this. I don't want to minimize what you're feeling, because of course it is very serious, but this is nothing compared to everything else you've tackled in life. Diabetes, schmiabetes, right? ;)

Caroline, you have a lot of people rooting for you. You can do it!

MJ said... quite smoking don't think you can quit eating, but eating better and exercise and really go a long way. I've be back at the gym almost everyday this week and I feel so much better. Look back in your blog to when you were going to the gym...remember, you'll feel great.

Audra said...

I hope the doctor was able to give you an action plan for how to get better :) I myself am also tackling some health issues from never taking care of my body.

amy h said...

I am always scared to get my sugar test results since diabetes run so much in my family. I've been exercising 4-5 times a week since the beginning of summer, and I really feel like it has other mental benefits, too. I think it is helping me a lot as I wean off of my Lexapro. Also, exercise is just good for clearing the mind and releasing tension. So you have lots of reasons to do it!

Anonymous said...

Diabetes can be controlled by changing the way you eat and exercising. I hate to use the word diet because that is not what you really want to do,you just need to change the types of food you eat. I have a few friends who are close toy your age who are not on any kind of meds and their blood sugar levels are normal and they have been cleared of having diabetes.