Saturday, November 22, 2008

On this date

It's Saturday night and I am blogging...that means I wasn't able to see Susan this weekend. I miss her like crazy and can't wait until I get to see her on Thursday. For the last three months I have spent every Saturday night with her, so I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do for the evening.

Today is my 51st day as a non-smoker. I had some pretty vivid dreams this past week and even was really missing being able to smoke. I took the advice of a friend and worked hard at not dwelling on the craving and just to move on. It really helps not to dwell on things. Thanks my friend.

On Thursday night my next door neighbor knocked on my door to let me know he was back in town, and his knock on the door made Sophie bark. About 5 minutes after I stopped talking with my neighbor there was another knock at my door. It was my upstairs neighbor. And we all know how much he dislikes Sophie. He said that I need to do something with Sophie because she barks all.the.time. He said she barks all morning, all afternoon and all night. He even referred to her as his alarm clock. Yes Sophie barks, but not like he is saying. Whenever I am at home and she barks I make her stop. He makes it sound like I just let her bark and bark and bark. The whole time he was talking to me his hand was shacking. My first thought was..."He's going to shoot me." I have no idea why his hands were shaking so badly. He talked for a few minutes about how Sophie bothers him and I then told him I would work with her more and he left. He is so strange.

Susan's birthday is a week from Monday so I went out shopping for her today. I have a couple things planned that will hopefully make this a birthday she will never forget.

On this date in 1994 I flew to Sacramento to spend Thanksgiving with my ex-husband and his family. I knew that James was going to propose while I was there. (I told you I was good at remembering dates) It's amazing how different my life is now compared to back then. I really hope James is happy.

I miss my girl.


Tony said...

This is a great new (to me) blog!!!

I'm linking!!!

Teaberry said...

Hmmm.... this neighbor again, huh? Does his eerie existence influence your moving decisions at all?

Demosthenes said...

Thanks to Tony's link, I've found yours and you're now bookmarked!

I, too, struggle with my sugars and a constant yen for nicotine. One of the solutions (to both) is exercise...which I keep telling myself I'm going to do. Tomorrow.

MJ said...

Exercise...hmmm, have I said that before. Just think a great Thanksgiving to come this year with no smoking and your girl by your side. Life is sure looking good for you.

beans said...

Congrats on your days being a non-smoker. Hopefully you will continue to feel the benefits.

Good work!

Monogram Queen said...

I think I will be VERY glad when you move away from that freak. Gah.