Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I have been very lazy this morning. I am still in my PJ's and really don't plan on going out all day. We are getting a few snow flurries and it just seems to be a good day to stay in and watch movies. I wish Susan was here with me. Her brother is still in town, so we probably won't see each other this weekend. I miss her so much when we are not together.

Sophie has started her own tradition for Thanksgiving....getting sick. In 2006 she had a really bad staph infection and then last year she split her nail and ended up bleeding all the way to the vet. This year it seems she has a bladder infection. I came home on Wednesday and she had peed on the bed. She never has accidents in the house, so when she does and it's on the bed it means she is hurting. But here it was 8pm on the night before Thanksgiving and I really didn't have the money to take her to the emergency clinic so I start doing some research on home remedies. Turns out when dogs have a UTI or bladder infection you can give them Cranberry Juice just like in humans. I was lucky because I had a bottle of Cranberry Juice, so I gave some to Sophie. She drank a little, but then stopped. So I opened a can of Chicken Noodle Soup (her favorite treat) and poured Cranberry Juice in it. She ate it right up. It's amazing, but it worked and Sophie is feeling just fine now.

Tomorrow is my parents 40th anniversary. I was thinking about sending them a card, but never got around to getting them one. I don't know if the fact that I have very little emotion regarding their anniversary means I am finally moving forward. I hope so.


Renaissance Woman said...

I hope so too...and either way it's okay. Enjoy your lazy Saturday.

Lynilu said...

I'm still jammied up and it is after 1:00! YAY!!

I'm glad Sophie is better. I'd keep giving her the juice for about a week or so, just to be sure.

The parent/emotion thing may go back and forth for a while, but I'm pretty sure you are getting into a better place where they are concerned. Hug.

redfrog27 said...

I am sick but just a cold. So its a lazy day here too. Sorry about sophie.

Anonymous said...

Cranberry extract or concentrate is available in the vitamin section-- easier to give and less sugar. My dog is on it daily-- 800MG. What you are doing with the cranberry is altering the ph in their urine to prevent any infection from adhering to the bladder wall. Still would suggest a follow up with the vet as there may be reason why she continues with the UTI, may need antibiotics and long use of cranberry may or may not be a good idea since you're tinkering with ph level.