Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yesterday was such an exciting day and I am so happy that Obama won, even if he didn't win in my state. In the county I live he did win 67% of the votes, but there are so many rural towns that are hard core Republicans. I am still happy he won and I have a lot of hope.

I am pretty upset about Prop 8 in California. I just don't' understand why so many people are opposed to gays/lesbians having the same rights as every heterosexual couple. It just doesn't make sense to me and I am very sad for those that live in CA. As I have always said....Stay out of my bedroom and I will stay out of your church.

Last night as I sat and watched history being made I thought of my girl. I told her that I loved that she was my girlfriend on such a historical night and that I will always remember she was with me on the night Obama was elected.

Things are going so well with Susan and I am finding that now that my meds are straightened out and I have turned the corner on this whole non-smoking thing, I am really happy again. There was a couple weeks where I had a crappy attitude about a lot of things. I think it says a lot about our relationship by the fact that we came through the last couple of weeks not only still together, but closer then ever. She really is my best friend and the person I feel I was meant to be with. The last 18+ months all makes sense now and I know why I went through all I did.

One last thing....if I were to take a picture of my heart this is what you would see.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Lynilu said...

Wow! Happiness at the national level, and happiness at the heart level! What could be better???

Renaissance Woman said...

Yay for Obama!!!! So exciting.

MJ said...

I'm so glad you have found Susan.

redfrog27 said...

I am so sorry prop 8 was passed. Stupid reason stupid people who voted for it. You cant help who you love and love cant be wrong.