Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Must Love Dogs

I have always said that my pets and I are a packaged deal. If you want to love me, then you must also love my babies. I really think it says a lot about someones character by the way they treat animals.

From the very beginning I have known that Susan is crazy about Sophie and the cats. Sometimes I will get a TXT message where Susan is only wondering how Ben is doing. Susan has a special connection to Ben that is pretty cool. Ben is very shy and he has to know you before he will even let you see him. My parents always thought I was making up Ben because they never once saw him. The first time that Susan came to stay the weekend Ben warmed up to her immediately. I have never seen him warm up to someone so soon. That first night Ben slept right next to Susan on her side. I think he knows she will be around for a while.

So I have always known that Susan loves my babies, but I was reminded again today that she really loves them. Not only did my Halloween card come today, but so did one for each of the kids.

If she is doing this to win my heart.....

it's working.


MJ said...'s just fate!

redfrog27 said...

awwww so sweet. I think its wonderful when your mate likes animals also.

Lynilu said...

I guess that's why you and I could never be really close friends. I just don't like dogs at all.

BWAAA hahahaha!! BTW, did you look at the pictures of the little faces I had in my recent post about adopting dogs? Damn, they are cute!

Susan must be a good person, through and through, to let you stay around just because the 4-legger sweeties like you. Yeah, I'd cultivate that relationship! ;) I'm awfully glad you're so happy!

Cheryl said...

Hi, I'm a Social Worker too, and totally struggle with being better at taking care of others than myself. It is an ongoing battle.

Your title caught me, I LOVE dogs, always have, always will. I use to live in Tennessee where they would dump dogs and they ended up with me. I think at one point we had 15 or so. We lived in the country and I used my Piggly Wiggly paycheck for food. I loved them each the same. Such sweet, gentle, beautiful creatures. Their eyes tell it all.

We only have 2 now, hubby thinks it is 1 too many, but after reading lynilu's posts, I'm reconsidering it...big time. Dogs are pure light and so healing.

So glad your partner gets it. It sounds like true love.


Monogram Queen said...

Very very very sweet! Not loving animals would be a deal-breaker for me too~