Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall is Here

Last night when I was walking Sophie I noticed that the interior light was on in my upstairs neighbors car. This is the neighbor that reported me to management when I first moved in because he said Sophie was barking too much. Well, for the last 3 months this neighbor has been really nice to me and even apologized for reporting me to the manager since Sophie does not bark a lot. This is also the neighbor that has reported to me that he is bipolar. Every time I see this neighbor now we end up talking for at least 20 minutes. He has told me that he doesn't have any friends and always seems very lonely. I have only seen his parents come to his apartment in the 7 months I have lived there.

I knew that by knocking on his door he would probably end up talking for a while. But I know I would want someone to tell me if my interior light was on in my car. We did talk for about 30 minutes and in that entire time he made absolutely no sense. He was talking about a Genie that was in his house telling him what to do. He then looked at me and said, "You do realize who the Genie is, don't you?" I told him I didn't and he said it was the devil. What do you say in response to that? I told him that it probably wasn't the devil, but his meds were probably not working right. As I was walking back to my apartment he said something to me that really made me sad for him. He told me that he lives to dream because in his dreams he is normal. Hearing him say that made me sad for him.

I really hope he will be OK.

Today has been rainy and dark and favorite kind of weather. I do have one complaint though: I am so tired of waking up at 7am and it still being dark outside. I look forward to when we change the clocks because it is so hard getting up in the morning when it's still dark outside, but we have to wait until November because of Bush. How many days until he is out of office????


MJ said...

It's just sad, when he could be helped so much by medication and therapy.

Lynilu said...

It is too bad that we have bipolar, making people's lives a mess. I've had a couple friends with bipolar, and my heart just ached for them. And so often, they are alone, probably at least in part because living with them must be just awful.

I'm glad you took the time to make that contact. One friend said every time someone did that it helped him to come back a little closer to reality.

Monogram Queen said...

Girl he would SCARE me. I'm afraid I would avoid him.