Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy (smoke free) Weekend

Good news: I have made it 24+ hours and not smoked. Even better news: I survived the last 24+ hours without having a meltdown or being overly angry.

I am kind of surprised at how easy these first few hours have been. When I quit in April I remember it being this easy, but when I tried again in July the first few days were pure hell. So the fact the first 24 hours seems similar to when I quit for almost 3 months is very good.

This time quitting was so different then any other time. Usually I pick a time (or when I run out of cigarettes) and it kind of gets dragged out. This time I decided over lunch to quit and within 45 minutes I was officially done. I threw away almost 2 full packs of cigarettes and all my lighters and ashtrays. For some reason I held onto my ashtrays and lighters the last few times. This time I really feel ready.

This is what I have been promised from some of my friends for quitting smoking:

1) If I go 6 months smoke free I will get lunch at my favorite BBQ place, Famous Dave's.

2) One co-worker said if I went all day without smoking today I would get a CD made. I am currently listening to a collection of songs by the Beatles. :)

3) I was told if I quit smoking for at least 3 months I would get dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

I feel calmer about being smoke-free this time around. Even though it's still really early in my quitting, I still feel pretty confident this time.

Susan is very happy that I have quit. When she saw my profile online it still said that I was a non-smoker. So when I told her that I did smoke she was very surprised and said she never would have emailed me if she knew I was a smoker. The thought of not meeting her really scares me.

Someone told me yesterday that if I quit smoking then Susan would probably kiss me more. I guess I will find out tomorrow. :)

Happy Weekend.


Audra said...

that is awesome :) congrats! I always find that I work best with rewards, so that is great that your friends are helping you!

Lynilu said...

I'll promise you something about quitting, too. If you don't stick to it, I will personally kick your butt!! How's that for incentive?? LOL!

No, you know I won't do that. I'm very happy you're quitting. :)

Cheeky said...

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Good girl Caroline !! Now you are on your way.


MJ said...

Lynilyu- I think you should kick her butt! Glad the first 24 went well, the next 48 should be good with your girl around. By then you are well on your way.

Julie said...

You can do it!!!

Monogram Queen said...

LMAO at Lynilu! You'd better do it - she means it!