Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Susan and I have this unique/fun way of communicating with each other. We both have Youtube accounts and one of the ways we communicate with each other is by putting a certain video on our favorites. For example: this week she put this video on her favorites. It was after we had spent the weekend together and I had been upset about my family. Seeing that video on her favorites meant more then if she had sent an email saying that she cared and was there for me.

I love being with someone that shares the same musical interests as me. As you all know, I am really into music and it is such a huge part of my life. The only thing that she does not like is country music, which is surprising since she has always lived in the country. She would rather listen to Amy Winehouse then anything country. I have tried to get her to listen to a couple songs that don't really sound country, but she still didn't like them. I'm just happy that she can tolerate Barry Manilow and has even said she would go to his concert with me if he ever comes back to KC. I can deal with her not liking country if she would go to a Barry Manilow concert with me. :)

Tomorrow I am going to do a Thursday Thirteen post tomorrow and it will be all about Susan, so be sure to check it out.

So I am curious...what are some of the unique or fun ways you communicate with your sweetheart?


Audra said...

What a cute idea! Some things I do:

Write love messages on the bathroom mirror after its fogged up from my shower. Next time she fogs up the bathroom, she sees the note!

I take stock in post its, I leave notes in her car, wallet, bookbag, schoolbook, whatever

redfrog27 said...

I make him cookies that gets his attention.

amy h said...

Chris used to leave little drawings on my chair at work (when we worked at the same place). He'll still do a drawing for me now and then. Sometimes I wake up with a drawing on my arm -- literally, drawn on my arm.

Monogram Queen said...

We email each other constantly and sometimes leave sweet comments on MySpace but really he does so many things for me - like he will draw my bath water and put good stuff in it (salts, oils, bubble bath etc) he will bring me something to drink while i'm taking a bath, he is just a "take care" kinda guy. I love it!