Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Before I talk about how great life is (are you guys tired of hearing me talk about Susan yet?) I have a few issues I would like to address.

1) Today when I was at lunch I went out to QT (convenience store) to get a coke and there was a lady there with a small child. She was yelling at this little boy and telling him to shut up loud enough for the entire store to hear. Last Friday I was at a different QT (do you see a pattern here?) and there was a boy maybe 10 years old standing there with some lady. I am not sure if it was his Mother or sister. Well, I guess he said something to her and walked away and she called him back. When he got to her she hit him in the mouth and said, "that will teach you to talk back to me." I so wanted to go up and punch her in the mouth. The boy looked over at me and I could see the shame and embarrassment in his eyes. I just don't understand people that talk so bad to their children and even worse, hit them in public. Usually there is an officer at the QT's, and I would have gone inside and gotten him, but there wasn't one there on this day. My childhood was not perfect, but my parents never hit me and never belittled me in public. I think of all the people out there that really want a child and then there are so many people out there that just don't give a damn about their children.

2) I think I know why I have been so tired the last few days. I have been waking up the last couple of nights coughing and choking and then this morning I woke up with a sore throat and my left ear is hurting again. I am really hoping I don't get sick, but it seems to be heading in that direction. Maybe I should warn Susan that I am a complete baby when I get sick.

3) When I was driving home last night I was right next to this lady that was driving and smoking either crack or marijuana. I tried not to look at her directly because I really didn't want to get shot. When I told Susan she said, "Another reason why I need to get you out of the city." I wonder if she realizes how much Meth is used in the rural areas?

OK, back to how good life is.

Usually when Susan and I get together we just stay at my house. She has two houses, one of which is on the market. The house that is on the market is 1/2 way between our two houses. If we are not staying at my place we normally stay at her house that is on the market. It is completely furnished, but does not have cable/Internet or hot water. Not having hot water has not been a problem, but when it gets colder we will not be staying there. Anyway, when we do stay at this house it is interesting because we have to entertain ourselves with something other then cable TV or Internet. She does have a TV/DVD combo and we are able to watch movies and this past weekend we watched 4 episodes of season 2 of Bad Girls. I am totally addicted to that show. Sunday morning we woke up around 8:30am and stayed in bed until almost 1pm just talking. I love that we can just sit and talk for hours and hours. I think the nights we spend at this house are one of my favorite things in our relationship. It's almost like we are camping since there is no distractions and it's just us.

When Laura and I broke up I was left with the 3 cellphones we had together (one for each of us and one for her Mom). Since we were stuck in a contract I just held onto all the cellphones. When Susan and I first started dating I asked her if she wanted one of the phones and her response was, "Don't you ever watch Judge Judy? Almost all the cases are over a cellphone." Well, a month after we started dating she decided to take one of the phones. It's nice because we can talk whenever and it's free. She had never really used TXT messaging, so we had a lesson this past weekend on how to send TXT messages. She has caught on fast and I love how out of nowhere I will get a TXT message from her saying she is thinking of me.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Wow, I just read this post and it sure it random. Have a great Monday everyone.


Monogram Queen said...

Hey i'm okay with random!!!

I take Madison in the bathroom if she is acting up (only happened once). I feel like you do, I can't stand to see people mistreat a child when so many want one!

No I will never get tired of hearing about Susan, I am just so damn happy that you are happy!!!!!

redfrog27 said...

I have never hit my children in public nor have i belittled them in public or private. We have been without hot water since June just got it back in the middle of Sept I will never go without hot water again.

Lynilu said...

It is hard to do, but when I witness something like that, I say something. I usually just tell them that I am a mandated reporter for child abuse and ask if this is usual. Of course, they always say no, but I hope that it will give them enough of a jolt. At least they know people are watching. I actually ask the mom's name one time; she answered before she thought, then ask why. You should have seen her face when I told her why. She left the store in a rush!

Susan? Have we heard about Susan? Maybe you should tell us more!! LOL! Heck, do you think we could get tired of hearing how happy you are?

Teaberry said...

I am wondering how did you and Susan meet? Did I miss a post?

MJ said...

I wonder if I was really that gushy over Cowboy...I'm sure I wasn't. Glad you all have having such a good time. It's nice being alone without distractions.

I'm with you. I absolutely hate how people treat their kids.

MJ said...

I guess I should say -- how some people treat their kids...I know some awesome moms.