Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday MJ!! Not only is today her birthday, but a couple days ago Cowboy asked her to marry her. Not too bad of a birthday. Be sure to go over and wish her a Happy Birthday and Congratulations on her engagement. They are such a cute couple and I really am so happy for them.

I have always said that I may have gotten the short straw when it comes to family, but I have been very blessed when it comes to my friends. MJ is just one of the many examples of how wonderful my friends are. I have always told MJ that she challenges me more then anyone else. She refuses to let me say "I can't" and pushes me in the right direction. When I think back to where my life was even just six months ago, I know that a lot of the positive changes have come as a result of her encouraging me. So MJ, thank you for being my friend and for helping me make so many positive changes in my life.

In a few hours I am off to see Susan. We are going to see this movie. I think it's going to be a pretty laid back weekend. For some reason I am completely exhausted. I laid down last night around 9:30pm and got up at midnight to take Sophie out and then went right back to bed until 8:30am. I wonder if the lack of sleep for the last 2 months is finally catching up with me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Sandra said...

Wow that's some good drinking you did there!!! Good times. ;)

MJ said...

Thank you for such nice words. You are welcome. Being your friend is easy. We bought you something today. I know you will love it.

Monogram Queen said...

"Love" is definitely in the air!!!!