Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sophie, Ben & Bonk

Someone got a haircut today.
Isn't she adorable. I know she feels a lot better, but I know going to the groomer is kind of traumatic for her. Look at those eyes....Yea, she will probably be getting some of my dinner tonight.

Do you remember a few years ago when I lost Ben for a week?
Not knowing where he was for an entire week was horrible and it was one of the worst weeks of my entire life.

Well the last few days Ben has been trying to get outside so when I was out today I bought him a collar with a bell. Brady had one because he was always wanting outside. When I got home I tried to put the collar on Ben. Oh my God, you would think I was trying to kill him. He somehow got his bottom teeth stuck in the collar and started freaking out more. Do you guys have any suggestions for getting him used to the collar. I don't want to risk losing him again.

I am pretty confidant that Bonk can not hear at all. This morning she walked past me and I called her name and she just kept walking. Normally she stops when she hears her name. I then gave them a can of moist cat food and she normally comes running when she hears the can being opened, but she didn't budge from the bed. Overall, she is doing pretty good for a 21 year old cat. She still loves to play:
And most days I am pretty sure she is more active then 7 year old Ben.


Eye of the Rainbow said...

Youre babies are so cute!! :) I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

redfrog27 said...

MY cats hate the collars also. Tried everything and nothing.

Lynilu said...

The collar - he will get used to it more quickly than you think. Just put it on and leave it. You might need to take it up a notch, even if you think it seems tight. It is too loose, or he wouldn't be able to get his mouth in it like that.

Sophie does look good! I'm sure the groomer isn't a fun thing for her, but she will live! And don't let her guilt you into taking over the alpha dog position. Remember you have to be "tough," remain the head of the pack, or she will begin running over you.

And about Bonk .... there are far worse thing than losing hearing. She is still active and happy, and not being able to hear might reduce stress on her. I can tell you that as Ali has lost his hearing, he seems to be more relaxed most of the time. He doesn't hear the thunderstorms now, except the exceptionally loud crashes!

Renaissance Woman said...

I can't believe that you have a cat 21 years old. That is amazing. Must be all the love you are sharing. You have a cute family.

Monogram Queen said...

I have toyed with the idea of getting bell collars for my cats They are outside but stick right around here pretty much. They are so fat I know no one could possibly mistake them for strays though!

So sad about Bonk's hearing. Old Midget's hearing is gone too. She is my niece's mini schnauzer that my Dad pretty much takes care of.

Audra said...

No advice on the collar really other than let them get used to it. We had a similar problem with Gemma.

also, with the hearing issue, we had this with Benton. just all of a sudden we would offer treats, clap, say his name, etc and he would ignore us. I knew something was up and it turned out he had a bad ear infection in both ears :( I don't know if that is a possibility or not, but it's what happened to us :/