Friday, July 25, 2008

Here's Your Sign

The parking lot at work is horrible. I usually don't like to go anywhere during the day because I will lose my spot in the shade. Well, last week I had to go somewhere and when I came back one of my co-workers had parked in my spot. I joked with him about taking my spot and he said that he didn't see a sign saying it was mine. Well, today I found this sign in front of my car:

As you will see in the next picture, it's not exactly a big sign:
My co-workers crack me up.

Today was a really good day at work. I felt like I got so much done and I just really felt really productive. I love leaving on Friday knowing that I don't have a pile of stuff waiting for me on Monday morning.

No big plans for the weekend. I am having breakfast with a couple friends tomorrow and that's about it. It's suppose to be really hot this weekend, so that means I won't be spending too much time outside.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?


Lynilu said...

That is a great "gift" from your coworker!! And hey, it may be small, but if no one parked there while you were away, what the heck!!! Too funny! That kind of thing makes a job a whole lot easier!

I'd like to do yard work this weekend, but it looks like we are going to get some rain thanks to Hurricane Dolly, so it remains to be seen. If not, I'll watch movies all weekend!

redfrog27 said...

ummmmm maybe harm an ex sis in law not exactly sure yet if you see crazy woman in pa goes on a rampage it was me.

Renaissance Woman said...

Love the sign...LOL! Glad things were better at work.

No big (this is the second this month) but that's all!

beans said...

that's funny. glad they are looking out for you!

This weekend I am doing respite care for a child, and then working at church on Sunday. I SHOULD mow the lawn, but I am boycotting and hoping it can wait until next week before I leave for a conference.

MJ said...

Gosh, I wish I had my own parking sign.