Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thank you for your supportive comments from yesterday. The good news is I am feeling much better today. When I got off work yesterday I was mentally exhausted. I had planned on going to bed early, but around 9:30pm I got called into work. I ended up working until 12:30am and was very exhausted this morning. I had planned on just coming in a little late today, but I have this horrible problem of having to be to work on time. I did manage to sleep in until 8am and got to work a little after 9am, just 30 minutes late. Maybe one day I will allow myself to relax.

Last night I tried to come up with all the positives in the situation I was in. The first one was with the fact that I was crying. Even though I hate crying, I am happy that the medication I am on does not completely numb my feelings/emotions. One time I was on an anti-depressant and I literally felt nothing for months and months. So, I found the fact that I still cry a huge positive. Even though I would rather stayed home last night, I did enjoy going into work. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my 2nd shift techs, so whenever I work with them they kind of see it as a treat. My 3rd shift were very surprised when they walked in at midnight and saw me sitting there. I ended up staying until 12:30 talking with them and laughing about a couple things. I need to just relax around some of my techs and show my human side. As I was driving home I was so tired, but felt like I had accomplished so much last night.

Sophie is very popular among the kids in my apartment complex. There is one boy in particular that Sophies loves and I find soo cute. Every time he sees me and Sophie he comes running and yells..."S-O-P-H-I-E". Sophie loves him to pieces and goes running up to him. Yesterday I had my phone with me and took these pictures.

The second one is my favorite because you can see a little bit of his smile. He is always so excited to see Sophie. I love how Sophie is so good about letting him put his hands all over her with no problems.

Tonight I am going over to MJ's to walk. I was informed today that we will be walking 4 miles. Because it's warm outside and we will be walking so far, I am not going to take Sophie with me. I just don't think she could handle it. The positive in walking tonight...while we are walking MJ's Cowboy will be grilling us dinner. Yea, after 4 miles I will probably be kind of hungry.


Sonya said...

Enjoy your walk tonight! After all that walking, you may not be so hungry. :) But grilling sounds yummy!

Renaissance Woman said...

Enjoy your walk! Sounds like a great night to celebrate your change of moods.

Lynilu said...

The pictures of Sophie and her friend are cute. She's an easy dog to like, so I'm not surprised that the kids are drawn to her!

You must have gone to work right after we talked. I'll bet you were tired. It's funny, though, because I remember a few times when I was down, sad about something, and things would happen so that I had to get busy, physically or mentally, and it helped to pull me out of the low. Sorry you were tired this morning.

Obviously, MJ has no mercy, knowing you're that tired and *forcing* you to go on a 4 mile trek. Heartless, heartless. tsk.

MJ said...

The pics are adorable.

ps. next time we are running all the way up the hill.

Caroline said...

sonya--the grilling was soooo good and yes i was a little hungry after the walk

renaissance woman--the walk was great and now that i can feel my legs i am feeling great

lynilu--i did go in right after we talked. it did help to feel like i was productive. as for MJ...i think she was trying to kill me :)

mj--i am totally for running up the hill.....hope you can keep up

Audra said...

what a cute kid- enjoy your walk!

beans said...

Oh, kids and animals are fun!

I am glad you were able to see your staff in that way. I think that makes the best kind of supervisors-when they know you are real and just like them.

Glad to see the walk helped-though it sounds like it kicked your butt. Good for your for pushing through.