Thursday, May 15, 2008

Someone is Back

Look who is back.

Why can't my family understand that I did not lie to them about being gay. I had no fucking idea that I was gay until I was 26. It's not like I was encouraged to be myself. I was told you have to be this way and that was the end of the story.

June 1 can not get here soon enough.


Audra said...

A lot of people think that we all just knew since we were born that we were gay and we were just hiding the fact. It is not that way! For me, it literally was almost like I woke up one morning and everything just suddenly made sense.

Whenever people tell that being gay is a sin and I am going to hell, I tell them that it is not up to them to judge me.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh damn so a twister did not nail him after all... I SO had high hopes!

Julie said...

A certain someone might want to spend a little less time pretending he follows the Bible and a little more time learning remedial English. Just sayin.

Sandra said...

He can't even communicate at the level of a 3rd grader, poor man. His parents were responsible for giving him an education, and if they didn't care enough to provide him with the most basic of equipment for life, then he doesn't exactly help their case when he speaks. He only shows me how little they cared for their children.

Sure they could have said no, but it's pretty traditional for the parents of the bride to pay for a wedding. With a 50% divorce rate, they're hardly the first parents to ever pay for a wedding that ended up in divorce. It's not a unique situation! I've never heard of two parents so hung up on money.

I do REALLY like Patti's idea of the balloons, though. That's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Well Caroline it seems to me you let the people who read these senseless blogs run your life. I think the June first idea is great let us all go but that includes writing about us in any fashion what so ever. It's not like your parents are some monsters in this world you just choose to make the world your monster. And yea I did not get a great education and that had nothing to do with our parents. I was dumb for shooting my self in the foot on that one. But I am educated in the world more than most and you know that. And you just might want to fill your brainless readers that wish death on someone that I have for sure have nine lives and I have only used up two so I got a few to go suckers. Caroline you had me lying to Mom and Dad about you being gay for at least two years that I know of so don't make out to seem like just one day you found out that were you hid for a long time. But trust me after all the Bull Shit you have written on here I don't think there will be any tears on this end of you set up some freaking balloons and let us all go. I think it would be the best for all. But while you sit in your little ass apartment with no house broke as a rat trying to pay off all your debt that your choices with Laura and who ever else have got you in. Don't you dare for one minute blame anyone but yourself. You put yourself where you are today with the choices you made. You have had at least four years with out any contact with most of us except via e-mail so it seems to me you are living in the past and just looking for someone to blame while you sit on a pity pot and write about and look for acceptance
form people who are just like you. It is a sad thing that you have to write lies about your own parents to get the attention of others and you really think that Mom does not read this trash and you have to wonder why she won't talk to you LOL
That just blows my mind. You dog her and Dad at least once a week I get the phone call with her crying because you say shit that just is not true and she wonders where it comes form.
As for your readers and their hate for me I think it's great. I look at it like this if we come from such a bad family and I am such a piece of shit and Mom and Dad are so bad then why I am I the one who has a relationship with them? because I chose to change and not for them just for life in general. And as for as my grammar yea when I have to get my ass out of bed because I have gotten yet another phone call at what ever time in the middle of the night because you have posted a lie about our parents and it's like 12:30 or 1:30 or 2:30 in am yea I am a little lost at that point. I mean come on it's not like I am busy enough trying to run both my company's one during the day and one at night and then I have to deal with your shit upsetting Mom at the same time. Look if you can't wait for June 1 thats great but either let it go or change and that choice is yours to make. Not Joe reader or Joe friend or anyone but you. That simple with that said maybe you should try posting the truth on here so when it gets read not only by me but by your parents too you get the reaction you want instead of the reaction you need for your readers to keep on giving you the attention you lack for the lies you drive the ones you love away.
Just think about it

Caroline said...

audra--the first time i kissed a woman it all made sense to me. i was not allowed to be myself and that is why I think it took me so long to realize i was gay. totally crack me up.

julie--my thoughts exactly julie. it hurts reading his comments because they make no sense at all

sandra--i never knew how much my family focused on money until i tried to think for myself. my brother forgot to mention that his first wedding my parents paid for and it also ended in divorce.

jim (aka anonymous)-- i know for a fact that mom does not read my blog. i have a tracker and i have never seen anyone come to my blog from where they live. as for your company...according to my tracker you only come to my blog when you are at work and i don't think you own the company "uxtl". you lie so much that you actually believe the truth i tell is a lie. what a sad life you have.

Anonymous said...

Personne ne m'aime Tout le monde me d├ęteste I' ; m allant aller mangent des vers !

Caroline said...

anonymous (aka ELF)--could you please translate your comment

Lynilu said...

It's interesting what J reads into the comments. "Hate"? I suspect that none of us give a twit, to be honest. " let the people who read these senseless blogs..." is interesting, too. Seems he is reading the blog. If it is senseless, that certainly say something about him, doesn't it? Oh, well, it's just not that important.

As for elf's remark ...."Nobody likes me Everyone hates me I'; m going to go eats worms!" Another unimportant remark from another unimportant person.

I really find it fascinating that these two waste their time reading a blog that they obviously don't like! Says something about them, don't you think?

traci said...

Caroline, give yourself a break honey. Our families are who they are and we will not change them. As for your brother, he spouts alot of stuff but that doesn't make it true. Take care of yourself Caroline. What we put out into the world is what we get back. You're doing a good job.

Monogram Queen said...

Okay what is ELF doing back? I thought we were rid of that toad. Is he a friend of your brother's?

Caroline said...

lynilu--i also find it interesting that these two idiots say they hate me so much, but they can't stop reading my blog. i guess it's a compliment.

traci--i totally agree with you. one of my favorite songs has the lyrics "love is what you get when love is what you speak". so true

patti--obviously his life is so boring right now that he has to read the blog of a lesbian that he hates

Sandra said...

Wow, they even have him trained to blame himself for their lack of interest in responsible parenting - they've totally screwed that poor guy up. Honey, by comparison, do you see how much better shape you are in, in every possible way?

Caroline said...

sandra--i do realize how lucky i am.

Kelly said...

I realize this isn't a popular opinion, but have you ever looked at some of what your brother is saying and took stock in it?

This comment might not be too far off:

" seems to me you are living in the past and just looking for someone to blame while you sit on a pity pot and write about and look for acceptance from people who are just like you..."

I don't think he means people like you as in gay specifically because you get a lot of support from everyone. I think that comment means you consistently look for acceptance and validation from the blogger community. I just don't understand this situation, Caroline. If you want to let them go, then do it. You're the one who is holding up your own mental health by hanging on so tightly.

Sonya said...

LOL - I'm so amazed that he keeps on writing novels with his hideous grammar.

For a family who has let you go long ago, they seem to be holding on pretty tight. Your mom calls your brother at all hours of the night crying over your blog? Hmmm... If that were at all true, it would seem to me that she CARES.

Have a great day! Focus on the good and let the bad just roll of.