Sunday, May 04, 2008

Change the World

I love the month of May. Not only is it my birthday month, but we tend to have some of the best weather days. Today it's in the 60's, not a cloud in the sky and absolutely beautiful. If it would stay this way all summer, then I would probably not hate summer so much. Today's weather is how the summers are in Northern Minnesota. I used to love that it would get warm (not hot) during the day and then cool down to the 50s at night. To me that is perfection.

This has been a wild week in my little blog world. I learned many lessons about people and human nature in general. I learned that when some people feel they are being attacked they turn into people I hardly recognize. It's kind of scary how you think you know someone from reading their blog and then suddenly you do something and it's like you never knew the person. One of the best thing I learned this week is that I love who I am becoming. M&M told me after church that she was so thankful for my soft heart. It was one of the most touching compliments I have ever received. I have learned this week that there are certain people that I am better off not being friends with. The saying is true that you become like those you hang around with. I chose to surround myself with people that are true to themselves and most importantly are kind and loving.

I read one of the best blog posts a few days ago and I want to share it with my readers. It is written perfectly and the message is clear.

One of the things I bought this weekend was a book of inspirational sayings. I took a picture of the one I read this morning. I truly believe that you can change the world with kindness and love.


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Month!

I don't know what to say about human want to think the best of people, but not everyone comes through with their best. It's too bad. Hopefully the negative comments are done now and they've found something else to do with their time and energy!

Patti said...

Oh My I hope you aren't talking about me. I never hid my mean streak from the get-go!!!