Thursday, May 22, 2008

13 Random Things

Here are 13 things that are occurring in my corner of the world or things I am thinking about:

1) I received my first birthday present today. Both items came from Ozarkland courtesy of MJ and another friend. I will show pictures later of my awesome presents.

2) I came across this picture last night:
This is the Jehovah's Witness version of a birthday party. I am in the front with the green shirt and plaid pants (thanks Mom & Dad). It looks like I am on a sugar high. Since we didn't celebrate birthdays we would have "cousin parties" where all the cousins would get together and we would play games, wear party hats and have cake. I used to love these parties. One time a family from our congregation had a HUGE party for all the kids and it was so much fun. One of my favorite games was when we would fish over the balcony and when we would pull our line up there would be a present on the hook. Those were some good times.

3) I have discovered my weak point at work; my tech evaluations. I have no idea why I have struggled so much with them, but I am slowly getting the hang of them. I have been kind of stressed the last couple of weeks trying to work on these.

4) I don't watch American Idol, but did you notice the winner is from Kansas City? The city has gone crazy over David Cook and that is all people are talking about.

5) Today is day 43 as a non-smoker. It's weird because part of me really (!!!!!) misses smoking and the other part doesn't miss anything about it. I love having the extra money, not smelling bad and not worrying about burning myself. I figure I will be past the critical point when I don't wake up and my first thought is how many days I have gone without smoking.

6) I read the obits yesterday and saw that one of Laura's aunts passed away. I guess she passed away last week and the funeral was earlier in the week. I think I may send her family a card.

7) I may or may not be seeing someone new. Whatever the case, I have decided to keep quiet about my dating life here on my blog; at least for now. Oh, and just so you know...being back in teh dating world totally sucks.

8) Even though my birthday is not until next Thursday, I kind of feel like the celebration starts this weekend. I love long weekends that end with my birthday.

9) I am so excited to be getting a home phone again. Time Warner will be out on Saturday to install the phone. Now I just need to find where I put my phone.

10) I ended up going back to the dentist a couple days ago because I got this horrible canker sore on the roof of my mouth. I have not been able to eat anything salty, spicy, hot or cold for almost a week now. I woke up this morning and it feels a little better, but is still really sensitive to some foods.

11) I really am wanting to do something different with my hair, but have no idea what to do. I was thinking either cutting it short or getting a perm. Oh, and I am scared to death of changing my hair. I'll have to tell the story sometime about when my Mom chopped off my hair and gave me a perm. I looked like Annie for months.

12) There is a new program on the National Geographic channel where people go live in Alaska in the middle of winter for 3 months and have to learn to live off the land. I so want to be a part of this show.

13) Looking through my blog posts for the last couple of months it would seem that I am a really depressed person, but actually I am not at all depressed. I can kind of see why my brother is reporting to my parents that I am unhappy and miserable, etc. I think I have been using my blog to get all those sad and angry feelings out. The truth is...I am a really fun girl. :)


cristin said...

perms are bad. get a sassy hair cut.


MJ said...

sassy "friend"...getting the hang of evals...american idol winner...cousin parties...great presents...and a birthday coming up--you are one happening chick

Lynilu said...

1. So it has officially begun!
2. Oh, the fishing idea was cleaver!!
3. Good luck on that. Sometime I'll tell you how I handled it.
4. I don't watch it, and I didn't know that. And I guess I really don't care! Oh, tacky me!!
5. Yay!
6. That's too bad. One you knew?
7. OK, that translates into, "I'm seeing somenoe new, but I ain't talkin;!!!"
8. Another of my blog friends has the same birthday, and he began May 1 talking about his "birthday month." Wonder if he got that idea from you???
9. Yay!
10.I hope it heals soon. :)
11.I remember when you went to my stylish. She changed almost nothing, but you were a basket case!! sighhhh.
12.I wish I got that channel. :(
13.You could be right on that. I don't think about it seeming to the reader to be "sad," but then I know the whole you. Your brother doesn't know you.

Caroline said...

cristin--very good idea

mj--it is great to be me

lynilu--ok, i am totally laughing at your comment. i laughed so hard at your response to me going to your stylist that i am sure my neighbor will now say i am laughing too are funny lynilu

Lynilu said...

Now wait! First you blame the noise on the poor dog, now on your friend who is 1000 miles away!! Own your behavior, lady!!!


Caroline said...

lynilu--lol..i am still laughing at your comments. oh, and which blogger has the same b-day as me?

Eye of the Rainbow said...

Happy Early Birthday :)
I think a sassy new haircut would like good one you!
Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

Can I just tell you from experience not to do anything to your hair until you've really thought it out and have a photo to show the stylist of what you want? Been there, done that, made the mistake, had to live with the aftermath. I'd say get some layers cut it for some shape, nothing dramatic.

Nothing spicy to eat? Gah, I'd die. Hope that clears up right quick!

Caroline said...

eye of the rainbow--i'll give you a call sometime this weekend...we have a lot to catch up on

sandra--that's a good idea. i am thinking that maybe some layers will give my hair that bounce again

Renaissance Woman said...

I changed my hair and really had a tough time adjusting. And while it may not be the perfect's been a good break. Go for something different. You post was very inspiring.

Sandra said... has a photo gallery! You what I could totally see on you, is some light blonde highlights for summer! That would look awesome on you! Just a few foils, doesn't cost too much either.

Monogram Queen said...

I agree you are a fun girl.
Get short layers and learn to use some product in it for some SASS!

(like I am one to give hair advice with my long lank locks) *sigh*